Why Easter Eggers Are So Great

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  1. ChickenGirl555
    I have heard a lot of pretty sad stories of people throwing away their Easter Eggers because they weren't an Ameraucauna. I think this is disappointing because I love my two Easter Eggers, Becky and Robin.

    I think the main reason people don't want Easter Eggers is because they won't always lay a bright blue egg. I was very sad myself when I found out my Ameraucaunas from the local feed mill weren't actually Ameraucaunas, and are Easter Eggers. But I didn't pick Ameraucaunas just because of the blue eggs, I also loved how beautiful they were. So when I learned about them being Easter Eggers, I thought they would grow to look different, but they look exactly the same besides small differences I don't care about. I especially love Becky's face fluff!

    Remember how I keep mentioning they don't lay bright blue eggs? Well don't start yelling at me yet because I know they still can lay blue eggs, but they are not as pure blue, and are more like a pastel. Easter Eggers can lay light blue, green, and pink eggs. But they won't lay a different color every week, they lay one color their whole life but it won't be the plain white color, or common brown. Being on the egg topic, Easter Eggers are really good layers, but I say this assuming they are given enough light, protein, oyster shells, etc.

    This article wasn't as long as many others, I know, but I just wanted to be able to tell people to stop getting rid of your Easter Eggers because they were mistaken to be an Ameraucauna. They are amazing, beautiful, special birds that deserve a good home as much as Ameraucaunas.


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