located in Pembroke, Massachusetts
Building The Coop


The previous owners of our house built a kids playhouse years ago. We moved it using a car jack and sched 80 PVC pipes (right hand side). Up on cinder blocks and on to digging holes for run posts and trenches for placing the wire in the ground.

I stacked the 2 cords of wood that were erking me...I want to see the coop from our kitchen window, not a pile of wood:) (see pic above, on left)


My man's a trooper... workin' on the run after work, until dusk. Chics are coming within 2 weeks, so we want to be ready when they're ready in another 4 to 6 weeks to go outside!


This is what I found when I got home from taking a friend to the doctor. Not bad!!!! Our gals will be stylin'!


Digging through non-stop roots = tedious, and back breaking! But we want the girls to be safe. Hardware cloth installed about a foot below surface and back filled with lots of large rock and fill to discourage predators.


Compressor & Staple Gun


Finally backfilling... holy crap he's good!


Now it's lookin' like a coop!!! (I was just trying it out before the girls come...I thought they'd appreciate it!)

I can't wait for the chics to come in at Hanson Grain. They called and said they'd be late... June 28th:(
Did so much work these past few days...

Painted, linoleum floor, roosts, back cleanout door,
more painting... painting still not done.

Oh, I forgot... put on the door to the run too:) need to strip the wimpy screen and put wire on.


Roosts and ramp which is hinged so we can flip up to clean. Did I mention I can't wait for our chicks to come!?!?!?!

2009-06-18 -
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