As of January 29, 2012

Silver Phoenix!

Splash, Blue and Blue Copper Marans!

Bantam Lavender Ameraucanas

Black Mottled Japs


French Black Copper Marans

I have two spearate flocks. One is pure Bev Davis lines.
Second is Valentine/Prestley
Now working in Wade Jean line flock, but I haven't managed to hatch anything out that I feel comfortable with using in a breeding program, but still trying.

Never turn your back on a chicken!.

These are some of my Davis girls. While I was out building a new run, they turned into shake thieves!

I have a Bev Davis pullet that will be joining my Davis flock when she starts laying!!!!


My flock is separated by color. I had a 2 legged preditor this year, so I had to start of with some new babies. My lines are pips&peeps, John Blehm, rockinpaints and Shaffer.
Black, BBS, Lavender, Blue Wheaten

Clyde RIP I lost Clyde recently when neighbor kids stole and killed some of my babies. He was a crazy bird ans I'll miss him.

Clyde is from John Blehm lines and originally belonged to sunnydawn or Reno, NV. She was kind enough to offer me Clyde back when I had my teenaged blues. I've had to replace them since.
Bon Jovi

Only decent pics I have left of Bon Jovi when he was about 7 months old. He was the first Blue stolen from me and there was sentimental value with him and the others in this photo, like Regal the Wheaten Marans roo that my husband was crazy about. He wasn't a chicken person, but he had potential.

Lavender LF
Lavern Ambrose

Salmon Faverolles Bantam

Silkies = White



Blue Jersey Giants

Fat Chick

Black Sumatras

Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks

Ziggy Fanny Sadie Rockette

American Games
Juliet Sunshine Bella Lola Conchita

Black Tail Buff Japs


Easter Eggers

Big Bird Starburst

Olive Eggers

LittleJovi Shady

And several project bantams
Pene x Bantam Welsummers

And a Games Project

Wait till you see what I'm working on!


A & M
Jumbo Brown

Now Also Rabbits

Mini Rex
Holland Lops

Netherland Dwarfs