Columbian Created by Renee
Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

Columbian Wyandottes were developed by B. M. Briggs in 1893 and named after the Columbian Exposition in Chicago that took place the same year. He developed them from crossing Barred Rocks with White Wyandottes. Columbian Wyandottes have a white body with black tail feathers, wing tips, and black pencilled hackles. They do well confined or free-range. Like other Wyandottes, the Columbian colored bird is dual purpose, has a rose comb, and lays about 200 light brown or brown speckled eggs a year. The hens weigh about 6 pounds, and they do well in either hot or cold conditions. My Columbian Wyandotte hen is docile and sweet, a great cuddler. She loves to sit on my lap and have her head rubbed. She is quiet. She lays speckled brown eggs.




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The Chicken Formerly Known as Blanche, Hen​