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Yellowjacket's Chicken Coop

By yellowjacket · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated May 10, 2015 · ·
  1. yellowjacket
    Recycled materials-chick coop project (Fall 2012)
    1) First load of recycled wood from local landfill

    2) denailed/sorted several loads

    3) studs on location!

    4) site slopes gradually-have 4x4's blocked and level......first sheet of 1/2" plywood in place.

    5) floor finished! (8'x10')

    6) first wall up!

    7) construction of nesting boxes

    8) framed into coop wall

    9) exterior view

    10) sheathing complete-pen staked out.

    11) another view

    12) Easy to clean roost-lift up front panel to remove manure.
    13) load of 1"x8" bevelled cedar siding. Nice and clean for $100.00!

    14) siding on 2 walls-roof shingled!

    15) east side done.......windows/door all 2nd hand!

    16) big pen going up slope-bought a 100' roll 5' in height. (just enough for the whole perimeter).
    The smaller "safety" pen connected to the house is covered in wire, gate can be opened in the morning to give chickens access to big pen.

    17) pipe feeder under construction

    18) Finally got my dozen ISA browns-they took to the feeder right away!

    19) Heading out the lil hatch to the small covered pen. (dry planer shavings are free from the local sawmill.)

    20) checking out the nesting boxes

    21) nice clean eggs!

    22) basket of 33 eggs-3 days worth.

    23) view of backyard from my kitchen window. Can keep a watchful eye on everything. :)

    24) We had snow the other day-here's my young flock dining on pumpkin.

    25) .....and more snow. You'd think they'd wanna go inside!

    26) Tossed in a bale of orchard grass

    27) made a lil "cracked corn" feeder for the outside pen

    28) Added a small flock of Silver Laced Wynadottes

    29) rafters built for small pen roof

    30) roof on......

    31) heavy plastic added to keep wind out. Also framed in a window. :)


    32) fast forward to Dec 2014, these are my new heritage breed chickens due to lay this spring.


    33) Added a dusting box to the pen


    33) And now have guinea hens!!!

    Thanks for taking a peek at my coop project. [​IMG]
    I really enjoy having chickens and appreciate

    all the helpful posts from this forum!

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Recent User Reviews

  1. MROO
    "Nice set-up for a steep"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 20, 2018
    Very nice set-up and lots of great pictures. Some instructions or hints on how and why some things were done would be helpful - especially the steep-slope run.
  2. Cyprus
    "Good use of materials and ventilation"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jun 29, 2018
    I like that you used recycled materials to build your coop, very efficient! Your ventilation is good as well. Something to consider for future builders is space. If you are going to house more birds in this coop you will need to increase the floor space.


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  1. Tacswa3
    What an impressive build. Outstanding, and nice pics too.
  2. iwiw60
    I am beyond impressed! Your attention to detail shows in the finished project. Kudos to you and thanks for sharing..my head is spinning from all the possibilities!
  3. offgridhermit
    Very, very, nice! I'm full of envy.
  4. yellowjacket
    Ok, 8 of those heritage hens turned out to be flippin' roosters! The chicken lady has picked them up.
    Today I bought 5 more laying hens-but not from her. She can't tell a young hen from a young rooster and neither can I. :)
  5. yellowjacket
    Thanks for the comments!
    The original chickens I had 2 years ago are now gone-today I picked up some new ones-heritage breeds this time.
  6. Nomibear
    really nice!
  7. rudy_rooster
    Beautiful coop and backyard!
  8. dsheaz
    That sure is a beautiful coop, and with salvaged lumber nonetheless! I love your nesting boxes and as mkrassin mentioned, how the coop ties into your surrounding landscape is very nice. Thanks for posting all the pics.
  9. Kelly Faulconer
    I like the idea of the small secure pen and then the attached large BIG pen.
  10. carolsparkle
    really nice coop and run.
  11. mkrassin
    I like your design in conjunction with the landscape. You gave much thought to this project. mkrassin

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