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    My girls have gone on strike! Help!

    Hey, I just wanted to say thank you! I put the fan on them last night and voila! I had 2 out of 3 eggs today! Needless to say the fan is on again until this heatwave snaps. ;)
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    Stolen Horse--Man is BACK in jail!

    Wow. It is HORRIBLE it took so long for her to get her horse back!!!
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    My girls have gone on strike! Help!

    They are about 13 months old. I will drag a fan out there tonight then. They have lots of shade although I haven't sprayed down where they lay to cool off. (dirt under the porch is their favorite spot) Thanks for the advice!
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    My girls have gone on strike! Help!

    I thought I would add in addition to free ranging they get a ton of treats from the kitchen and all the layer crumble they want. Is this a heat thing or should I start thinking about freezer camp?
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    My girls have gone on strike! Help!

    They run around the yard...I don't think the fan will help unless I chase them around with it.
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    My girls have gone on strike! Help!

    All three of my girls have stopped laying eggs. I have had 2 eggs in the last 10 days. Nobody is molting. They are healthy, well fed, have lots of space to roam, fresh water, etc. I have searched every inch of the yard and there are no hidden eggs. Could it be because it is so freaking hot...
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    Free range pigs on half an acre??

    Hello!! We have a home on a full acre. Half of that land is somewhat steep and wooded. We were considering fencing it is and raising a couple of pigs for our family to eat. I do not fore see us ever having more than two at one time and do not care how much they root around out there. So my...
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    The Middle Tennessee Thread

    Aww, thanks! We are very proud of his career and always appreciate it when others say thank you and recognize serving isn't easy. :)
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    The Middle Tennessee Thread

    Hello everyone!!!!! I am positive no one remembers me but I was on here up until the Army had us move to Germany. I had to let my girls go (super sucked) and was forced into stairwell housing. After being in purgatory for about 2 years I am going back to Tennessee!! We just bought home w/an acre...
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    6 laying hens in Middle TN

    They have been sold. Thank you.
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