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  1. Other Pets 1

    Other Pets 1

    My Non-Chicken Pets I've had/have alot of pets in my days, so here are some picture, enjoy! This is Lola, I adopted her from the animal shelter I work at. She was due to be put to sleep for being to dog/cat aggressive. I knew she was a good dog, so I rescued her. She's been a...
  2. Detroit City Garage Chicken Coop

    Detroit City Garage Chicken Coop

    Detroit Chicken Coop I didn't grow up on a farm, I grew up in Ann Arbor and moved to Detroit in 2006. The plan for my chicken coop was to have it contained inside my detached garage behind my house, with a run outside of the garage. This way I could build it for less money (since I...
  3. Anny

    SE Michigan RIR, Speckled Susex, Cuckoo Maran, Mallard (no shipping)

    Tracy I only recieved the one E-mail and replied to it, are you sending them to the correct e-mail? Send my a private message please
  4. Anny

    SE Michigan RIR, Speckled Susex, Cuckoo Maran, Mallard (no shipping)

    Moving and need to find new homes for these wonderful birds
  5. Anny

    SE Michigan RIR, Speckled Susex, Cuckoo Maran, Mallard (no shipping)

    Looking to rehome 3 wonderful friendly chickens, and one Drake duck (mallard mix) The chickens are a Rhode Island Red hen, A Speckled Sussex, and a Cuckoo Maran. They are all brown egg layers, the Cuckoo Maran lays very very dark brown eggs. Very social chickens, who love people. Super...
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    It's been a crazy weekend. One of my favorite chickens had a prolapsed Vent yesterday, thank god I work at a vet. We where able to get it to go back in... but she kept pushing and popping it back out. We had to suture her vent closed (part of the way, so she could still poop) this morning we...
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    An apocolypse herd/flock

    Goats, sheep, chickens, and rabbits. And a few Large dogs. Maybe even one Horse for traveling around. Goats and sheep for milk, wool, meat Rabbits for meat, fur and trading Chickens, for eggs and meat Large dogs to protect the animals, and other things
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    How do yall keep your ducklings dry!?

    With mine it helped when I put there waterer inside of another small bowl/pan This way the splashing stayed contained in that pan, and left less water on the bedding.
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    Wood Pellets as floor covering

    I have been wanting to switch over to wood pellets ever since I got chicks from a person and saw they where using it in there coops. I use it for my young chicks in brooder but have not yet used it in the big girl coop. I was afraid the duck would try to eat them. How deep do you make your first...
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    So happy the snow finally stopped!
  11. Anny

    Is anyone ordering ducks in Michigan

    I would like ducks but I don't want a HUGE order nor so I want to pay near $60 for a small shipment of ducks and put them at risk of being to cold/dieing. Is there anyone in South East Michigan who is planning on ordering ducks this year that I might be able to tag on a few ducks to the order???
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    Show me your pics of dog kennel runs - and required wrapping

    If you check out my Coop Page you can see my 12 ft by 18 foot chain link chicken fun.
  13. Anny

    Chicken Coop and Tractor *PICS*

    Looks nice I like the simply design.
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    Opa mine just ended there egg strike yesterday. I think the end of the strike had something to do with the 80 degree weather and the fact I was cleaning out the fridge and pantry yesterday so they go all the "trash" from my cleaning efforts. They seemed very happy.
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    I could use more Sundays like last Sunday! Wonderful weather! I have a rooster looking for a new home. IS anyone out there interested in a Barnevelder Rooster. He's a very pretty boy. Under a year old, friendly, outgoing. He was raised from a chick. He's recently started crowing, and I need to...
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