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    A hen and a pullet acting strange

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    Roosters more affected by cold temps?

    My roosters have never seem more sensitive to the cold. The coldest temperature I've had is 15°f so far and they were all out in my yard free range. If it's windy and cold they do huddle more and tend to stay in a group or out of the yard. I do not use a heat lamp or anything. How big is your...
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    Thank you🐥

    Thank you🐥
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    Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday!

    Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday!
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    They are here!♥️

    Not yet , but I think they will bust out soon. They are moving and chirping inside the eggs. I'm hoping tomorrow is the day. Mama took the 2 chicks she has already out for about 30 min then she came back and sat on the eggs that are waiting to hatch.
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    They are here!♥️

    You got that right! My broodys mama was a silkie and she was amazing and now her daughter is my current broody I use and shes the best ever. She's well mannered with me, protective with others, she waits for all eggs to hatch , she's never been violent towards her chicks or abandon them. My Alfa...
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    Yolks that won't whisk together for scramble and are firmer than the normal yolk

    I'm not sure about this , never seen it in any of my eggs. Me personally I would put it in egglaying category since it's likely an issue with laying or something of that nature.
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    They are here!♥️

    That is why she is my best broody. She always waits. It is cold here anyways and she will spend most of her time in her coop with them and they stay under her. She's never abandoned her eggs and I've never had a problem with the already hatched chicks waiting. They usually eat and scratch around...
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    They are here!♥️

    I don't have an incubator. I appreciate the information. She's my best broody this isn't her first go around she's always waited until all hatch. I set up food and water for her to show them and for herself. This is about the 5th or 6th time I've had her as a broody. It's always been a success.
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    They are here!♥️

    No they are still under Mama
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    They are here!♥️

    I'm so excited. 2 out of the 5 chicks have hatched. They are 3 days early! The other 3 are due Monday thru Wednesday. I love having new chicks. I hatched using a broody. Can't wait to see what the other 3 will look like!
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    I was able to successfully remove the spur. His limp was worse he was sitting more and his leg was swelling around the spur. I removed it tonight, washed it, ointment, gauze, wrap and put him to bed. I hope this solves his limp and total non use of the foot. Thank you to everyone who replied
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    Thank you so much. His bumble foot is better than it was.
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    This is day 2. I have been checking his foot daily due to the bumble foot and noticed it 2 days ago. I have been giving him baby aspirin and it seems to help with the pain. Will the spur heal back or fall off?
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