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    Old ENglish Game Black Brassy Back Pairs

    Perfect OEG Pairs interested just email me at [email protected] for pics or info on these beautiful birds.
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    The Legbar Thread!

    Do you feed them meal worms.
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    Swedish Flower hen chicks

    My swedish flower hens are so nice and big right now.
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    The Legbar Thread!

    My cream legbars are so docile and so calm and they are almost as friendly as my dogs.
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    Foaming eye

    I figured out what it is it is called eye worm and it is a worm that crawls under the 3rd eyelid and creates a puss.
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    The Legbar Thread!

    They are a nice breed
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    Something killed one of my hens this morning

    Eather a minx or a raccoon do you have a pen for them ?
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    What/who killed my cockerel? ***warning graphic pictures***

    It was a minx or a raccoon .
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    Two chickens.....

    The bearded one is an Americana .
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    Could a missing chick be inside the hens feathers??!

    That is not very good for the chick .
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    The Legbar Thread!

    I have twelve of them .
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    Sex guesses?

    The first one looks like a hen .
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    One eye shut/one open

    Ya you might want to try and find a medication for her and she is a she.
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    Swedish Flower hen chicks

    We ordered some from greenfire farms and they came in perfect shape i recommend them .
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    Finally an egg

    At about 2 years they should start laying eggs all of the time ? Are there combs red ?
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