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    When to remove heat lamp

    I’ve got 3 chicks, 7 weeks old. They are fully feathered and have been in the outdoor coop for a month (with heat). They spend most of their day outside, but the heated coop is there if they need it and is warm at night. I’m in NE Ohio, low 40’s during the day, mid 30’s at night. How do I wean...
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    Chicks wasting more than they eat!

    I mix a little water with the chick crumbles and turn it into a paste..
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    Official BYC Poll: Which type of waterers do you like best and why?

    I use horizontal nipples, in the winter I wrap the 2 gallon bucket with heat’s been enough to keep the water flowing in NE Ohio...
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    help me troubleshoot why my hens stopped laying!

    I was hoping for some answers too, I have the very same problem. I'm in ohio, not very hot summer, so I know it's not the heat. They're a little over 2 yrs old (I have 3 hens) and I'm getting about 8 eggs/week. Am I expecting too much?? They're red sex links, so they are supposed to be pretty...
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    Can I use rock in the run?

    I had rock and got rid of it. You can't clean rock. The poop gets stuck between the rocks and you can't pick it up. If you try to hose it, the whole area stays wet and smells. I replaced all of my rock with sand and love, love , love it
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    Muddy run

    Check out some of the many informative threads about putting sand in your run. I love drains well, doesn't smell, looks great and is easy to clean.
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    Sand in Run, do they dig down and mix the dirt into the sand?

    I put 4-5 inches of sand down right on top of the existing dirt in my uncovered run. They don't often dig down beyond 5", although every once in awhile it looks like somebody is trying to tunnel out :) You just need to be sure your sand is deep enough. I love, love, love the sand!
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    Is this REALLY big enough for 3-5 hens?

    We have the Chicken Saloon, and for us it works great. I know there have been a lot of complaints about them (and pre made coops in general), but we were prepared to do a lot of "upgrading" when we went with pre made. First, there's no way you could put in more than 3, it's just too small for...
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    Should I put a fence/roof on the top of my run?

    We're trying to fly 'under the radar' here, as outlaw chicken keepers, so a roof on the run was a little too much. We opted for an open run, but put in a couple of Little Tykes houses, with perches inside. In the winter, we put a tarp on the bottom and about 8" of straw in them. They...
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    Run and yard design

    It's pre-made, they are concrete. There are 5-6 "lumps" on each piece.
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    Run and yard design

    This works for us! We have only 3 chickens. The fence is 4', clipped 1 wing on each bird, so we haven't had any problems with flying over. There is wire stapled to the bottom on the wood fence that comes outside the pen to prevent diggers. Part of the pen is sand (which I love) and the other...
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    SAND in coop/run

    I use sand in my uncovered outdoor run AND in the "play" area of my coop. In the roosting area, there is a tray w/Sweet PDZ for scooping. I love the sand. The stuff inside stays nice and dry, they bathe in it all year. The outside sand drains well and doesn't smell. I rake it once in...
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    Idea for providing predator protection and green grass in one

    Here's a great link to grazing frames: I have a couple and love them! I recently saw a nice modification where the sides were 2x4's and the top was it's own frame made w/ 1x2's, hardware cloth added...
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    Mud mud and more mud

    Lots of info here on using sand. I love my sand....In the summer, I (sometimes) use a little kitty litter scoop to make it look pretty, but not so much during the rain and snow seasons. We had a few inches of rain here over the weekend and my sand drained beautifully. I have about 4-6" of...
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