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May 14, 2012
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I’ve got 3 chicks, 7 weeks old. They are fully feathered and have been in the outdoor coop for a month (with heat). They spend most of their day outside, but the heated coop is there if they need it and is warm at night. I’m in NE Ohio, low 40’s during the day, mid 30’s at night. How do I wean them off the heat? Turning it off during the day won’t help much, they’re outside and turning it off at night seems a little sudden...
I'm in Iowa and brooded my chicks inside our house. I took the heat lamp away at 6 weeks, they spent a week and a half outside during the day (40-60F) and inside (55-60F) at night. Last week, I put them outside full time at 7.5 weeks, no heat lamp, and it's been as low as 15F at night. If they're fully feathered, they don't need heat at all. It won't be too sudden for them.
have been in the outdoor coop for a month (with heat).

My 3' x 6' brooder is in the coop. I keep one end warm with a heat lamp but let the far end cool off as it will. I have good ventilation up high. Sometimes the far end has ice in it but the warm end is toasty. Many people would be shocked to see how much time they spend in that cold end, just going back to the warm area when they need to warm up. Mine are acclimated. I've had chicks 5-1/2 weeks old go through nights with lows in the mid 20's Fahrenheit with no supplemental heat.

They spend most of their day outside

Yours are acclimated. It will not be a shock to them. You can stop the heat now. Right now. Today. And do not start it again.
The difference between your day and night temps are pretty minimal. I agree with the others above, your birds are already acclimated by being out during the day so just turn it off and remove it.

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