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    Post Random Song Lyrics

    Take me out tonight, Where there's music and there's people who are young and alive Driving in your car,I never, never want to go home, Because I haven't got one, anymore. Take me out, tonight Because I want to see people and I want to see lights Driving in your car, I never want to go home...
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    Hunted by Moonlight

    Ohhh my gosssshhhhh I am sO HAPPY THANK YOU. You are a fantastic writer, by the way. You really know how to set the scenes and bring it all to life!
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    Tell a scary story!

    You're sitting in your room, just chilling out, when you hear a knock on your door. It's your friend, asking you to let you in. As you get up to let them in, you hear a knock on your window. It's your friend, begging you not to let them into the room. The knocking on your door becomes more...
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    ***OKIES in the BYC III ***

    Music for cats. Give the samples a listen with your cat and see if it works: surely I cant be the only one!
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    ***OKIES in the BYC III ***

    The talk of the school was the tornado/storm! Some of my own classmates were driving when the tornado started forming, they said, and had to take shelter in a hotel!
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    ***OKIES in the BYC III ***

    Looks like the storm is blowing slowly out of Oklahoma?? Or maybe I'm wrong! Hopefully it wont be back!
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    ***OKIES in the BYC III ***

    I was supposed to be studying for a test today, shoot!
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    ***OKIES in the BYC III ***

    Looks like it's gonna miss us, praying for everyone who was affected by this.
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    ***OKIES in the BYC III ***

    Anyone else getting this storm? Its over me right now (I live in Owasso), there's a severe weather watch issued till 10pm for us.
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    The Schleich Club! Join Today! *Accepting Members!*

    Wow so this stayed more active than i expectd. Yah anyone can join :)
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