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    Bullied Chicken

    Remove the bully hen for at least a week, then try again. Three days may not be enough.
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    Getting frustrated. What's my best option?

    I would go for option 5: Check craigslist for available EEs. You would be surprised at what you can find even this time on year there. You couldgive up your two remaining roosters, keep the leghorn and gold lace seabright hens and add two EEs. Good luck and don't give up.
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    Call a poison control hotline. Google for a number in your area.
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    Question about my coop

    4 x 5 is 20 so 5 birds would be about right and 6 would be a little snug.
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    Question about my coop

    What are the dimensions of your coop? For 6 chickens, you would need about 20 sq. ft. of floor space. The general rule of thumb is at least 4 sq. ft. of floor space in the coop per chicken. For example, I have a 6 x 8 ft. coop with 11 chickens. I've also heard that it should be 10 sq. ft...
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    would this work as a coop

    That is adorable! Good luck!
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    hen won't leave nest box

    Broody. Broody silkies define excessive. ;)
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    Rooster with mass in neck, possible tumor, thymus response -- Marek's

    Good luck with Trousers. He's a stunning rooster.
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    Crying My Eyes Out! My Poor Baby Girl, Oreo! WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!

    I'm sorry for.your little girl and for your impending loss. :( Call your local humane society/animal shelter. They will probably put your rat down for free.
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    Should I Install A Heat Lamp?

    Vaseline on your rooster's comb should help protect it from frostbite.
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    Is She A He Or A She?

    There's a pecking order with pullets/hens too. The chest thumping you're seeing with just pullets is perfectly normal.
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    Children handling chickens

    Congratulations on the egg! Looking at your pic though, I see chicken wire in the background. I don't know predators are in your area, but chicken wire is only good for keeping chickens in, not for keeping predators out. Hardware cloth is a better option for keeping predators out.
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