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    Hi everyone & Happy New Year. I've been going over several of the forums and this one caught my eye. I'm a first time chicken keeper and I'm loving. They are now 10 mo. old and very active. I ordered 6 Buff Orpington hens and ended up with 5 hens an a rooster! I love my rooster [Arthur] and...
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    Dog attack... It's been Over 2 weeks

    Hi, I was online looking for was to humanely put a chicken down and came across your problem. I feel so bad for you and I don't know how I would handle the same situation. How do people actually humanely put down one of their chickens?
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    What is Diatomaceous Earth???

    I didn't know that I could put this DE their food? Very interesting
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    What is Diatomaceous Earth???

    My now 13 week old Buffs have been 'free ranging' for at least 6 weeks now should I be concerned about them getting grit? Do I buy grit and put it in a bowl for them to eat or just mix it in with their food? They're not laying eggs yet so I've been told that the chick starter/grower is good to...
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    Coop Location - We live on a hill facing south

    Hi I live in Upstate NY just 7 miles south of Lake Ontario. Our winters do get very cold in fact this past winter we broke a record in Feb. I've already got 2 very narrow windows in this shed which will work in the winter months.
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    Coop Location - We live on a hill facing south

    thank you Jetdog I will see if I can send a picture from my iPhone. in the meantime just picture a 8x10 shed kit sitting on a deck attached to the back of a garage. the human doors are facing the NW & the back of the shed is SE 118 degrees
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    First day out

    Awesome! what was the temp? I live in the NE and my new chicks are 4wks old today so I'm not sure if they're too young
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    Your Backyard Flock - Past, Present, and Future

    Good Morning, I'm new to raising chickens, just bought my first 6 Buff Orpingtons and they are 4 weeks old today. I noticed in your picture that you have the 'roost' in front of the nesting boxes and I do like that idea. However, with all the reading I've been doing I thought the roost was or...
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    Coop Location - We live on a hill facing south

    Good Morning All, I have a similar problem except I have 2 sheds already in place but I don't know which one would be the better one to use. Right now they 1 mo. old chicks are in the 1/2 shed [4' x 8'] attached to the back of my garage. Very convenient for me since all I have to do is go...
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    Sure way to tell the difference between a rooster and a hen

    Hello All, this is my first time having chickens. I received 6 Buff Orpingtons on March 20th [they were born on the 18th]. I thought [was told] that I got 6 hens, however I now believe the one that I've been calling Abby is really an Albert. He does seem a little more assertive then the other...
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    Comment by 'countrydreamer8' in article 'How To Raise Baby Chicks—The First 60 Days Of Raising Baby Chickens'

    Hello I have purchased 6 Buff Orpingtons which were born on March 18th and I picked them up on the 20th. I guess 've rushed things a bit because I put up a little roost [4"] off the floor about a week after I got them and it only took maybe 2 days to hop on it was so exciting. This past...
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    baby chick treats

    thank you for the info. I will wait a few more weeks before giving them anything I know one od tem grabbed l which I thought was hysterical because the other 5 chick just cased her around the brooder trying to get it.
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    baby chick treats

    How old do my new chicks have to be before I can give them some treats, what kind of treats do you start out with?
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    5 day old chick treats

    Can anyone tell me whether or not you can give your new chicks treats?
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