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    Duck pond cleaning

    Such a smart set up and beautiful duckies! I think you'll know when you need to empty it :sick LOL
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    help!!!!! very urgent!!!!!! possibly internal pip gone wrong!!!!!

    OH yes! An Appleyard could handle a Pekin male for sure - they are big! Appleyard, Saxony, another Pekin or even a Rouen would be good larger breeds for your boy! :D
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    re homing

    Hi! How far are you willing to travel for a good home? I know some people who might be interested but they are in VA. Also, are you trying to keep them all together or are you willing to split them up? Thanks!
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    Well if you're ever in Luray, stop by and say hi!
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    Good morning from Luray!
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    The Quack Shack

    That's what BYC friends are for :hugs
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    Help with my runner duck diet

    I think Mazuri WF Maintenance is a great feed - and although you really don't need to supplement with it, I also have a Pekin who needs extra niacin so I do sprinkle with Nutritional yeast. The feed works great with my Runner who, until molt, was my best layer. I still give mealworms too, but...
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    Virginia--free chickens and ducks

    Hi. I"m sorry you have to give up your fock. What kind of ducks?
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    I need a male welsh harlequin.

    I just want all duckies to have good homes ;)
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    I need a male welsh harlequin.
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    Pond Wreckers

    :D hah they sure can! Do you have any pics of your set up so we can make recommendations? How many gallons is the pond?
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    Our geese prefer some kiddie pool to big one

    How precious - i love that set up - and looks like they really love it too! If you're running a UV filter, the water should be safe to drink. I never drain or treat my pond with any chemicals to clean it and my ducks have been drinking from it for over a year. The only thing I add is...
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    Happy 10th BYC Anniversary Miss Lydia!!

    Today marks 10 years since @Miss Lydia joined BYC! Let’s celebrate by telling Miss Lydia stories! :D Miss Lydia you have provided me with advice, virtual hugs, good laughs and prayers too many times to count. Thank you for helping me get Gabby through her seizures, Abby through countless leg...
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    Pool filter for Duck pond

    I use this but your pond is bigger so you might need 2 lol. Pond Pump & Filtration System Includes Mechanical, Biological Filters, 9 Watt UV Clarifier, Plus Fountain Nozzle They all do fine together. I only bought 20 minnows originally and...
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    Pool filter for Duck pond

    Yes it's the best entertainment!!! :D We built our pond for our ducks LOL - they're a little spoiled. Yes we used a liner. We considered a prefab plastic but for the size we wanted, the liner was cheaper and it does freeze hard here in the winter so we thought it would hold up longer. I...
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