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    Those lobsters in the that considered animal cruelty, or perversion? Seems like there should be a separate law just for that.
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    my sentiments too, redhen. Wheres the "like" button on BYC....
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    Is styrofoam toxic for chickens?

    DH raises quail, and this winter he surrounded their pens with sheets of styrofoam. He deliberately kept it several inches away, knowing how the chickens always go for it and taking it for granted that the quail would too. Sure enough, those little birds stretched their knecks as far as they...
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    Something's gone wrong with my broody, please help!

    Kat, I agree with all the advice that you've gotten from all the others. I've had it happen in the incubator a few times, did as the rest did, cut that cord and left things to themselves. One chick made it, one didn't. I really doubt that your broody had anything to do with this, I would...
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    crossing the street law

    You don't have the conversation with the car. You do what the OP was eventually urged to do by people here who are more mature. You make the phone call to report what happened in a rational way. And then you let things take their course, which is what happened. I'm sorry, but I can't...
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    crossing the street law

    In the first post, the OP mentions that "A cop car passed in front of me. I got mad and yelled...." It does NOT say that she/he was almost hit. I did not get the impression that the OP's life was endangered. And this statement.."how can i get her in trouble...? " bothers me as well...
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    crossing the street law

    Yes, it's a good thing that the cop took the time (even if it was at her Chief's urging) to make an apology to OP. Good on many levels. But I'm going by the old "do the right thing because it's the right thing to do" rule. I'm assuming that the OP is a young person, based on the fact that...
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    A ? for practicing Catholics (not a debate!)

    When my girls were in elementary school,about the mid 70's, the church did go thru some changes and became a bit more permissive in the 'rules' that everyone had thought were important. I know that the people in our parish were in an uproar over several of them, especially the one where they...
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    UPDATE WITH PICS-Post #68: Ordering on Have you?

    I order from Amazon regularly, and many times I buy their used or refurbished items. Have never ever had anything to complain about. I just ordered a refurbished Dell Laptop computer for my grandson for Chritmas. Came preloaded with several great programs, including Office, Norton...
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    If you get a poopy egg,

    I'm sorry, but when I saw the title on the post, I immediately thought of one of my favorite kid's stories "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and expected something different from this thread, LOL.
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    Free standing wood burning stoves

    We built a 24' X 36' pole barn in northern MI in order to have a place to store our pop-up camper, yard tools, hunting gear, small aluminum fishing boat, etc. during the times we weren't using them. We had been carting things back and forth with us everytime we wanted to camp on the wooded 10...
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    chicken fat

    Here's what you do to make the elixer of the Gods. This is stuff that you will dream about once you've had it. My Grandma also used to use the chicken fat that she trimmed from her chickens as the shortening in biscuits, and some of it as a base for chicken gravy. Can you imagine how rich...
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    I think I ruined one of my christmas gifts from hubby

    Kat, the kindle sounds so great!!! I thought I would p myself when I discovered that I could download books on my laptop to take up north with me so that I wouldn't have to worry about buying books to take along!!!! You are soo lucky. I'd like one, but will wait for a while til maybe the...
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    Do y'all remember when I warned you not to go out to collect eggs, put the eggs in your pocket and then bend over to pick up something off the floor? Well, I'm warning you about that again, just in case you might have not been paying attention the first time, or forgot or something. Just sayin'
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    protein ideas

    I was wondering about the same thing. We had a box of frozen fish that we had purchased at a sale recently and decided that we didn't care for it. I hated to waste it, so put it out in the garage. Still cold enough not to completely thaw, but warm enough to make it easy to separate the...
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