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    Pinless Peepers Work!

    Do you think these would work to prevent egg eating? My two Leghorns have taken up the bad habit :(
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    Rescue eggs - NO inclubator!

    Thank you :) Something cute is happening with the chick's tail feathers - 3 of them HAVE tail feathers, and 5 of them do not LOL.
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    Surprise Chicks!

    One of our hens disappeared several weeks ago - we thought she had been nabbed by a predator (we free range). We finally found her under some old boards on a nest of eggs. Unsure of when they were due to hatch, we left her alone and just monitored her. The next day after we found her, 5 chicks...
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    Rescue eggs - NO inclubator!

    3 weeks old - all 8 and Momma are doing great! They are starting to feather. Very interesting colors so far, and 2 of them have no tail feathers... yet :)
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    Rescue eggs - NO inclubator!

    Peeking! We didn't know she was setting on so many. We only found her nest a few days ago and didn't want to disturb her. She has 8 chicks! I can't wait for them to start coming out so we can get better pictures :)
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    Rescue eggs - NO inclubator!

    Thanks everyone! I was panicking because the eggs were cold and I couldn't think of anything to keep them warm. Finally remembered we had a heat pad, then it wouldn't work and had to call the company to get help resetting it LOL. Once it kicked on and they heated up, the chicks came out very...
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    Rescue eggs - NO inclubator!

    We candled the last egg, no air sack, no movement, no peeping when we tapped, so we floated it and it floated. We let the two chicks dry out a bit and then we put them aback under Mama. We will check them every few minutes :)
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    Rescue eggs - NO inclubator!

    And I thought the first one was in a hurry!
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    Rescue eggs - NO inclubator!

    Well I guess we didn't have time for advice!
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    Rescue eggs - NO inclubator!

    Hen setting on eggs, hatched 5 of the 13 yesterday morning and left the nest. Kids moved hen and chicks into a safer spot (we free range) and moved the rest of the eggs too just in case she was scared off the nest. She didn't return to setting on them, of course. So last night we were going to...
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    Hi kimthorn66 :) I only had to use the Sevin's application once. I, thankfully, never started using DE as there is a lot of controversy now with its use - that it will not only kill harmful bugs, but beneficial ones too and that it is not so good for your critters! I didn't want to use the...
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    Brinsea EcoGlow 50 - anyone have problems with them?

    So - an update :) I still use the Brinsea EcoGlows, both the 50 (I have two now) and the 20 (just one still, but going to get another one!). I still LOVE them - yes, the bottom plate feels too hot in some spots and in the 50's it warps, but so far we haven't had any cooked chicks in the 3...
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    At what age can geese (and ducks!) free-range?

    We will be turning it on tomorrow (I didn't get it hooked up all the way today).
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