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    using an incubator

    awesome. thanks all
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    using an incubator

    we have one of those cheap styrofoam incubators. How long do my bantam duck eggs need to hatch and what level of humidity do I need? I read up on this years ago when we first got ducks, but we had a broody duck, and we just let her set the eggs and we got ducklings every year. Last year we...
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    How Many Eggs Did You Get Today?

    Got the first egg 3 days ago, up in Canada. I free range them during the day, and haven't found any out and about. They often lay eggs after released from the coop, so when the days get longer, I have to hunt for them. I would love a nest box of some sort I could put in the yard to encourage...
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    a strange thing happened today

    First time I have seen it, they have always had separate places, and the same ones each year. they added two new ones this year ( hence why we couldn't find them)
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    a strange thing happened today

    we have a small backyard flock of 2 australian spotted ducks, 2 australian spotted drakes, 1 indian runner duck and 1 new baby indian runner drake( 9 weeks old) the australian spotted ducks are very broody and both have been sitting on nests for almost 2 weeks. The Indian runner gets broody too...
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    Broody duck

    She added another egg today. Last year they were confined to the pen, and obviously the house was good enough
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    Broody duck

    we got 2 ducks and a drake last year, one of the ducks is broody, and we let her hatch out a brood. We kept a couple, so now have 3 ducks and 2 drakes . They are Australian spotted, but we also have an Indian runner duck. We are right in the city. The Indian runner lays an egg a day, but I...
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    When do ducks start laying again?

    if it is related to day light hours, should I have lights for them? it is now about 9 hours of light where I am
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    duckponics revisited

    I know nothing about it, but the idea of a raised pond that doesn't get mud in it, I love. Can't wait to see more
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    Agree or disagree GAME!!!

    Disagree. I think summer is the best season. Agree or disagree?
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    Kiddie pool for the ducks

    unfortunately it is close to the neighbours property, so will have to connect a hose, but the tree it will be watering will really appreciate it
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    Kiddie pool for the ducks

    it is technically sitting on dirt, but with shavings piled up around it. The ducks dig in the dirt and run 10 feet to the pool with their dirty bills. there is a small container of water closer to the house for them to clean off in, but they like the pool. They actually will fly back and forth...
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    New to ducks

    New to ducks
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    Kiddie pool for the ducks

    so I see a lot of people mention that they use a kiddie pool for the ducks. We have had ducks about a month now and have a kiddie pool for them, but how often do you dump it out? do you just keep adding fresh water, do you use a filter and pump? Later on we plan to put a pond in the back yard...
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