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    Duck eggs-Day 31-

    Hi All, I've got 2 WH duck eggs on day 31. Fertility was way down this Spring, had to toss 14 eggs after a week. Anyways, candled before lockdown and everything looked great. However, no rocking or pips or ANYTHING since then. That was almost a week ago. Temps were 99.5ish, bouncing a bit. Went...
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    Welsh Harlequin

    I'll answer ya'll! Love mine. They are very sweet. If they are out free ranging and someone comes out the door, they come running over to see if someone brought treats. Very nice ducks. Calm and easy going. They were skittish as ducklings, but definitely mellowed out with age. They are awesome...
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    Duck breeders in wisconsin

    I would post a craigslist ad, see what turns up. Or else swaps next Spring, Beaver Dam, etc. Good luck! Nasty cold here! Hope all ya'lls birds are doing well! We are freezing here in the SW, I can't imagine up north!
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    Need to choose a type of duck to show, lookign for oppinions! :)

    Personally, I love my Welsh Harlequins. I wouldn't say any breed is truly better than others, it's just personal preference. :) The runners, before you buy make sure you get better pictures of them, if you are buying them unseen. If you want to show, the runners really need a good body type or...
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    Fence gap?

    You probably won't see predators until your flock is gone. I'd just get some wire or something and run it along the fence, and just staple it. Hardware cloth is the best.
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    Fence gap?

    I'd be worried about something getting in.
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    Welsh Harlequin

    Question-I have silver WH drakes I need to sell. TSQ Holderread drakes, hatched in April. How much should I charge for them? Thanks!! :)
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    Ducks are surprisingly resilient. Clean wounds, dress if need be, keep her in a calm environment. Pictures maybe? What do you mean by bit on the bill?
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    How much to charge for ducks?

    Hope this is ok here? I ordered TSQ WH ducklings in April. I need to sell two drakes. How much should I charge? They cost $10 each as ducklings...and they are TSQ. Soo....what do you think?
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    Ducks in the winter...

    I'm in the SW area of WI. I have three Calls, they did great this winter! No issues at all, I just bedded them down with 5" of shavings and fluffed it daily. :)
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    pea gravel in the winter? And in general?

    Hi, I am thinking of putting pea gravel as the floor of my new coop. I will have a dog-house type shelter with bedding, but otherwise pea gravel all over. IS there an increased risk of bumblefoot? And how does it work in winter, when I can't hose it off? Thanks!
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    Don't use puppy pads for liners!

    I'm using OUT! petcare moisturelock pads and they are made in the US! Woohoo!
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    How to ween ducks from BED?

    Pea party! I love it! Could you maybe get a bigger container to put on the edge of the bed that you could dangle your arm in to? Some people do that with puppies. And a shirt with your smell!! Stuffed animal too, mine love theirs.
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    Are my ducklings overweight?

    Do the niacin ASAP. I really wouldn't worry about weight until they are older, they are growing so quickly you really do not want to ration them.
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    Unfertile duck eggs..broody duck

    She doesn't realize they aren't fertile, so she's gonna keep sitting on them! You will have to take them away from her, and I would push over her nest so it's not good anymore. Then just watch her to see if she tries to incubate them again. She might, I would just keep taking them away. It seems...
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