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    Are cracked eggs edible?

    I usually just put cracked eggs into a separate bowl in the fridge to be eaten/used first, but we still eat them!
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    To wash or not to wash eggs?

    We sometimes have to wash our eggs in the winter, when the run gets a bit muddy (lots of rain here in the Pacific NW!) and the eggs are covered in little muddy smudges, lol, but we try to avoid washing them if possible. But in any case, we use the eggs so fast that we don't have any concerns...
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    Dumbest Things People Have Said About Your Chickens/Eggs/Meat

    We have 2 large dogs who have eaten a raw meaty bone (RMB) diet their whole lives thus far (ages 3 and 5). The dogs are 85lb and 115lb. They mostly eat raw whole chickens (half a chicken each per day for the larger dog, a bit less for the smaller one) with beef and organ meats on occasion...
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    Dumbest Things People Have Said About Your Chickens/Eggs/Meat

    How about this?
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    Feed Crushed Egg Shells?

    We save all our egg shells on a baking dish in the oven. When the pan is pretty piled up (about once a week), we just toast them for 5-10 minutes on 250, let them cool, then stuff them into a big ziploc bag which I then pound and roll with a rolling pin to smash up the shells. I toss this into...
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    How much are you paying for soy free non-GMO?

    I pay about $28 for a 40lb bag of Scratch and Peck layer feed.
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    Broody Hens and Foster Care

    Thanks! Well, since we have 3 hens who went broody around the same time, I figure that if one rejects her chick(s) then hopefully another might take them in. Between the 3 of them, hopefully at least one will want to raise the 3-6 chicks we bring in. The long term plan is that we're...
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    Broody Hens and Foster Care

    I've read other threads on this subject, but couldn't find an answer to my specific question. We have 3 hens who are trying to sit, have been for over a week now (maybe 10 days or so. Could even be 2 weeks?) I feel so bad - we've been pulling them off the nests once or twice each day and...
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    Organic, soy-free chicken feed?

    We feed our flock Scratch & Peck too, and they love it! It looks and smells great, and the hens don't waste a crumb of it. Whatever spills onto the floor gets cleaned up in no time. We briefly switched to an organic pellet (we were about to go on a long trip and the store that carries the...
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    What are some of the LEAST aggressive breeds of roosters???

    We have a Buckeye roo and he's wonderful!
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    Preparing Birds for Raw Feeding Dogs

    We have our dogs on a raw diet also - they've never been healthier! Have you considered skinning the chickens for them? No need to pluck! The important component of a raw diet is the meat and bones - don't think you need the skin. As for gutting, I would think you want to remove...
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    Advice for meaty housing

    No one else has any feedback on this idea? :(
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    Advice for meaty housing

    That's kind of what I was thinking too! The bales would keep them cozy and warm at night and would make perfect bedding that they can scratch up, the tarp would keep them totally dry, and they can go in and out as they please to eat grass and bugs and free range. Oh, and I'm thinking of doing...
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    Advice for meaty housing

    Hi there! We LOVE our laying flock! Got them last spring and have really enjoyed them, so now we're looking to venture into meat birds this summer. We have a couple of great flat areas on our property, which are perfect for the meaties. I have a spare 100' roll of electric poultry netting...
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    Electric Poultry Fence

    Our fence is great. The only cons I can think of are that it won't protect from aerial predators (we strung scare tape back and forth between the posts, criss-crossed, in the areas where we didn't need to be able to walk around in). But the biggest problem we had is that our chickens just kept...
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