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    Laws on killing predator dogs

    Alabama: No person shall keep any dog which has been known to kill or worry sheep or other stock without being set upon the same. Any person knowingly keeping such dog is liable for double the value of all stock killed or injured by such dog, such damages to be recovered by the owner of such...
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    Don't want to give up but is it best for the chicken?

    We have a fairly inexpensive system for protecting our 100+ chickens that semi-free-range on about 2.5 fenced acres: In the pictures above, the predator deterrents have noticed a dangerous bunny rabbit outside the fence and are making sure it stays out. Haven't lost a chicken since we...
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    Straight razor for dispatching meat birds?

    I use a good sharp filleting knife. I was under the impression that you only need to make one cut, though, just beneath and slightly behind the chicken's left ear. I thought that's where its jugular is. Should I be cutting on both sides?
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    Great Pyrenees Owners? ???'s about guarding...

    I have a pair of Great Pyrs that are about 11 months old now. I leave the coop open at night if I think it's going to rain (which has been a LOT over the last couple of months). My pups position themselves inside the coop when the door is open, one on either side with their heads in the doorway...
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    For sale - AL - yardbird eggs - $18 for 14 shipped (w/pics)

    Quote: You know, as long as you're still using the word "coop" instead of "coopS," you ain't got too many. (three coops here)
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    For sale - AL - yardbird eggs - $18 for 14 shipped (w/pics)

    Quote: I can take PayPal (ID: [email protected]), or if you want to mail a check or money order let me know and I'll PM you my address. Thanks for your interest! Countrybum - believe me, with 150 chickens here, I ain't stealin' nobody's! I'm trying to get rid of some.
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    For sale - AL - yardbird eggs - $18 for 14 shipped (w/pics)

    Looking to add some fresh blood to your flock? Our birds are all heavy breeds (RIR, buff o, Delaware, barred rock, etc) or heavy breed crosses. Our breeds are good for eggs and meat, but none of your chicks will be a specific breed. They will be crosses. Our fertility rate has been running...
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    It's official now. I have too many chickens, and I need to sell some. I've got everything here from fertile eggs to laying hens and adult roosters. Most of the chickens for sale are plain old yardbirds, from mixed (housed together) large-breed stock: buff orps, Rhode Island Reds, barred rocks...
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    On selling chickens

    Quote: I've actually considered offering to sell 'dead' chickens --- I kill, they clean...but I thought that was kind of weird. I don't want to sell processed chickens because I don't want the government all up in my business.
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    On selling chickens

    Quote: See, I wouldn't have compunctions selling to someone like you, especially with the offer of pictures and everything. It's the people off the street that concern me. I hadn't even thought about listing them here, despite having sold numerous batches of hatching eggs on this very site...
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    On selling chickens

    I'm not sure if this is the proper place to ask this, but it's about the closest one I could find, since I guess my question is technically about flock management. Our chickens are currently in three groups: 1. The "main" flock, which is about 90 birds, is fenced in about 2.5 acres and...
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    I hate Hawks!! *rant*

    Quote: Very true. When we moved our chickens to their current yard (about 2.5 acres fenced, mostly open field), we started losing chickens to hawks quickly. So I put some more nature out there with them, and haven't lost one since.
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    ANOTHER HAWK ATTACK!!! I'm getting a dog, but is this the right breed?

    Quote: Great Pyrs have been bred for hundreds or thousands of years to protect flocks. It's instinct for them. They grew up around chickens, and just "know" to protect them. The breed is very independent, and is good at making decisions about potential threats without any input from humans...
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    ANOTHER HAWK ATTACK!!! I'm getting a dog, but is this the right breed?

    Another vote for Great Pyrs here. We were losing a chicken to hawks every couple of weeks until we got these pups in December: We haven't lost a chicken since. They sleep right outside the coop door every night, and if it's rainy and I leave the coop open, they sleep IN the doorway. I don't...
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    What's the youngest you've seen a rooster start crowing?

    Man, I thought I had something special here.
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