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    Be safe!!!

    Scary to say the least! Glad you followed your gut instinct. So many times, we tend to feel we're "over reacting" when we should listen to our intuition. Glad you played it safe.
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    Garden failed this year?

    This spring was my first garden in THIS house. I've gardened for years and the past couple have been challenging to say the least. This year I planted an early variety of green beans and hoped for the best. I only managed to get enough beans for 4 individual servings and 8 pints to jar up. The...
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    Our coop is done! Well... for now :) (lots of pictures)

    Oh my! Ya'll did good. You can definitely see you did your homework.
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    Prices of feathers

    I think keeping the TYPES of feathers bundled in a deal is a good idea too. And if she wants different types, stick to your guns in that that's the way you're selling them. So many of such and such per deal. You could do well.
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    Can anyone put writing on pictures?

    I have no clue how to do something like that, but wanted to say that the first picture is stunning!!!!
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    Watermarking your pictures: Better safe than sorry

    I guess where there's a will there's a way.
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    Drowning doesn't look like drowning...

    teach1rusl that could have happened to anyone! Thank God he was ok.
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    Has this happened to anyone????

    Saddina, you probably made his day, LOL. I hit the back yard in my jammies. I don't care. The one neighbor barely knows what the outside of his house looks like and the other one is rarely out back. Now when I go to get my paper on the weekends at the end of my driveway, it's like a scene out...
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    Has this happened to anyone????

    El Naked Neck, I don't mean to offend. Really. I give credit to the JW who do what they believe is the right thing to do. It takes a strong sense of faith AND courage to go door to door especially in these times. However, when I've asked several times to take my house off their stops for the...
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    Unexpected visitors...Like, or don't like?

    aubreynoramarie you remind me SO much of one of my best friends with how you feel about visitors. She's the same way and is truly loved by everyone. She was the adopted "mom" of the neighborhood kids and now that her kids are grown, they ALL still call her Mama. My mom never liked unannounced...
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    Has this happened to anyone????

    I'm just happy to be a follower of a God who offers mercy, forgiveness and eternal life. ✞ ✿◠‿◠ Me too! AND I feel has a sense of humor. What else could explain some things like chin hairs, and walking sticks (the bug) and the antics of chickens???
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    Drowning doesn't look like drowning...

    Thanks for this post. I didn't know.
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    Has this happened to anyone????

    I've heard that about leaving the JW. This country was built on freedom of religion and I'm all for that. I'd never judge anyone by their faith, but don't want to get into debates or hash out the interpretations of different organized religions. Since there's so many, who's to say whose...
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    Next time I'm staying home

    Since you gave the permission to laugh!
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    Drought effects in Texas

    I've read that the cattle farmers are having to move or sell off their stock. The effects of this drought are far more far reaching than most of us realize, myself included. Here in my part of Florida, we're finally getting almost daily rains. This Spring however, was horrible. The green...
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