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    Official BYC Poll: How Long Have You Been Raising Chickens?

    I don't have any chickens yet, but I have a small flock of guinea fowl. We got our guineas as one day old keets on May 13, 2015! I trained them when they were little to come when called using white millet. My family had never had any farm animals before this adventure. Since I am battling...
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    Why don't people listen... Rant

    Wow so sad she did not listen. Sadly some people have to learn the hard way. I would not want any dogs near my birds for fear they would attack them. Hopefully she starts taking chicken care a bit more seriously otherwise she will lose the rest of her chickens and guineas.
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    Review by 'Gwynny7' in article 'Raising Guinea fowl 101: A beginners guide to raising Guinea fowl'

    This article is definitely useful for those new to guinea fowl. I would recommend you get a few books and / or do more research before getting guineas though. A lot of people live in areas where night time predators are high so outside perching at night would be a death sentence. Raising...
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    Comment by 'Gwynny7' in article 'Raising Guinea fowl 101: A beginners guide to raising Guinea fowl'

    I am so glad BYC added a guinea article! I had to find all my research elsewhere (books mainly) before getting my keets.
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    Chickens & Ticks

    I can totally relate to that feeling!! It was a huge relief to finally find a doctor who did not think I was crazy to think I still had Lyme after 28 days of antibiotics!
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    Chickens & Ticks

    Yes it is very difficult to find a Lyme literate doctor (a doctor who will take you seriously and knows how to diagnose clinically and treat tick borne infections!) I recommend filling out the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society's Physician referral...
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    Chickens & Ticks

    Please get on antibiotics right away if you are bitten by any tick! Chronic Lyme disease and co-infections are no joke! I personally am battling late stage Lyme (known as chronic Lyme) and multiple co-infections from a tick bite I got as a child. It took 10 years of symptoms and negative...
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    Can I use Essential Oils on myself without harming my Birds?

    I could not find a particular thread that would fit my needs, so I am posting here on random ramblings. Does anyone know if essential oils are bad for birds? I know with poultry we have to be careful to avoid anything that could affect our birds respiratory system. I am getting some...
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    My Guinea Broke a Huge Chunk Off Upper Mandible (Beak) Need Advice!

    I am sorry your guinea got hit by a car! That is horrible! My guinea seems to be improving. He is actually wanting to eat now which is great! I think it just took a few days for him to "learn" how to eat again with the beak being shorter on top. He is not very keen on eating straight...
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    Beak Injury....PLEASE HELP!!!

    Thank you so much!! I tried your method of turning the normal feed into a paste... well I did one step further turned it to soupy paste. I was able to feed my guinea fowl! He did not really eat yesterday. Today he was able to eat from my syringe and some dry super fine crumble. I feed my...
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    Chicken hatched Guinea Eggs (ANOTHER UPDATE & PICS-POST #36)

    I think those are going to be lavender guinea fowl :) I did a lot of research before buying my day old keets in terms of colors :D
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    Chicken hatched Guinea Eggs (ANOTHER UPDATE & PICS-POST #36)

    I am guessing you are going to have some Pearl guinea fowl and some lavender ones :) I have pearl guinea fowl and I got them as day old keets so I definitely recognize them in your photos!
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    Broken beak

    What did you end up doing for your chickens with broken chipped beaks? My guinea fowl broke his beak yesterday and I need some guidance. I have scoured the internet a lot the last 12 hours. I cleaned him up really good and used the Vetericyn spray as suggested (It is safe to ingest). He is...
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    My Guinea Broke a Huge Chunk Off Upper Mandible (Beak) Need Advice!

    Hello BYC! I need some more advice. One of my guineas broke a part of his upper beak off yesterday. I don't know how as I was not home at the time. I came home to find his beak covered in freshly dried blood. His upper beak is now shorter than his lower beak making eating / drinking very...
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