Can I use Essential Oils on myself without harming my Birds?

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  1. I could not find a particular thread that would fit my needs, so I am posting here on random ramblings.

    Does anyone know if essential oils are bad for birds? I know with poultry we have to be careful to avoid anything that could affect our birds respiratory system. I am getting some essential oils to help with my symptoms for late stage Lyme disease and co-infections, but I am wondering if any oils are toxic to birds. I know some oils are very toxic for cats (citrus for example). Does anyone have any experience with essential oils? Do you know if using a diffuser inside my house would hurt my birds (possible scent transfer on my clothes)? Would essential oils on my skin negatively affect my birds?

    Currently I have 12 guinea fowl but my family is looking to get either more guineas or some Rhode Island Reds.
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    This page might give you some idea as it lists the ones people have found to be safe:

    The most important thing is to get pure essential oils, not ones that have other products in them to water them down/produce them more cheaply.

    I don't think you'll have a problem if none of your birds are indoors either.
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    I have been using essential oils on myself and my birds for 3 years now. I think that if they can eat herbs, they can tolerate oils. If you are using them on yourself topically, they absorb into the skin within 30 seconds, into every cell on 30 minutes and have been used by the cells within 4 hours. I don't think they will cause any harm. I have healed many of my birds with oils and prevent infection in the winter months. They are very healthy and I rarely loose a bird.

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