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    My ideas on a super blue-egg layer

    Dmrippy is already doing this cross. You might want to contact her.
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    Ameraucana thread for posting pictures and discussing our birds

    Looks like a straight comb to me too.
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    Sex my Easter Egger chicks

    I believe you are wrong. I have Ameraucana/Leghorn mixes, and about half of them are clean faced with single combs. Ive even hatched out wheaten Ameraucanas from muffed/bearded parents and had some turn out clean faced.
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    Sex my Easter Egger chicks

    Im pretty sure that is not true. Ive hatched several batches of Ameraucana mixes, with the father being Ameraucana, and the mothers being several different breeds. Ive gotten a wide variety of bearded, non-bearded, yellow and non yellow legs, and pea and straight combs.
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    I just picked up feed in Lake Butler today, layer is $20.24/100, chick starter is $21.76/100, and cracked corn is $18.20/100.
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    Eggs Wobbling/No pip....Help please!!!

    Just sit back and watch. Mother Nature knows how to get these babies out just fine.
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    What are you baking now?

    This is my go-to recipe for lemon meringue pie, which is very similar to the one posted here: Its fully cooked before you pour it in the pie crust, it just needs to cool down. Cornstarch is an amazing ingredient. And its...
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    A coyote found my chickens and I am in a panic

    Coyotes around here are very used to human scent, they are seen in suburban neighborhoods. Not to mention all the human scent around chicken coops. I set a hav-a-hart trap to try and catch raccoons and all I caught were coyotes. I caught one every night for 4 nights.
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    A coyote found my chickens and I am in a panic

    They're pretty easy to catch in a trap, too, if you dont want to shoot them. Then maybe a neighbor or friend will dispatch of it for you.
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    I have cancer

    My best friend had prostate cancer. It was found early, and he had several options. He opted on cryosurgery. It did change his life, as far as, uh, personally goes, but he opted to live instead of worry about his sex life. He had the procedure done 5 years ago, and he's still around to...
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    Trio of young Wheaten Marans- FL

    I have a very nice young trio of Wheaten marans, cockerel and 2 pullets, about 3 months old. I bought them to start a flock of them, but have since decided to go a different way, thus they are now available. Pickup north of Ocala.
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    I caught my fox! UPDATED.. now with the VIDEO!

    cmom, what kind of a gun do you have?
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    I made an egg Puff

    I think this is a giant pop over. Looks great.
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    I caught my fox! UPDATED.. now with the VIDEO!

    Neat!!! Edited to say not neat that you lost birds, thats always a bad thing. But owls are such beautiful birds, and you got some great videos of this one.
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