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    Pheasant Blocks, Plants, and Toys

    Hey y'all I have two Red Golden Pheasants (See Below, these pictures are a little old, and before they became super social with me, they are almost a year) Well anyways we are trying to keep them more occupied throughout the day because they've started pecking each other (just a little) This is...
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    Is There a Movement to Make Deathlayers APA??

    I have recently been reading up on Deathlayers and am wondering why they are not APA. It seems they are historic, is it just cause they are a new import? Is there a movement in the U.S. to add them to the APA list? I know the Cream Legbar is a few years out from being added but is there even a...
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    Help Me Pick an Incubator

    Could one of you find a link on Amazon so I could look at it? I'd love one that already has a fan :)
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    Help Me Pick an Incubator

    I'm looking for an incubator to hatch duck eggs and hope to get it soon. I am going to list my requirements below and would love some input!!! $100-$130 Holds 6+ eggs but I'd love a bigger one Works well/has good reviews Has trays for duck eggs CAN BE PURCHASED ON AMAZON Is easy to...
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    What is growing on my chickens face

    I wouldn't rule out mycoplasma. It's more common in turkeys but is in chickens too and cause nasal swelling sometimes. You can treat with Tylan 200, and get him tested. :)
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    Help Taming Red Goldens!!

    I just got some Red Golden chicks a few months ago! :D They are growing so beautifully I can't wait for more and more color to show up! Unfortunately, they are batshit crazy. We had a mycoplasma scare two weeks in with the turkey's we bought at the same fair, but luckily the goldens were...
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    Dying Ducklings

    He got them from Metzer. He says there were no signs whatever. He thinks it might liver disease or duck hepatitis, do you know anything about those? He gets his feed from a local farm.
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    Welsh Harlequin or Silver Appleyard?

    So I recently got a duck advertized as a welsh harlequin drake :D, but he's a lot bigger than the female I have. When I looked it up it, it seems that the drakes for WH and SA look exactly alike?! How can you tell them apart? I can post pictures of mine later but I just want to learn the breed...
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    Dying Ducklings

    I have a friend who just got 20 new ducklings. A few have been randomly dying and he has no idea what's happening :hit. Does anyone have any ideas? He's been giving them electrolyte water and is a very experienced poultry owner so I definitely don't think it's his care. Thanks so much for your...
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    Review by '' on item 'Metzer Farms duckling hatching eggs'

    I got six ducks from them, two Rouens, two Khaki Campbells, and two Welsh Harlequins. They all arrived safe and grew up to be beautiful and amazing. My Welsh Harlequin just won Best of Show at the county fair :)
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    How long until I get fertile eggs?

    I'm going to pick up a new drake on Wednesday! I'm so excited! :D I'm going to have to separate him for a few weeks but I'm pretty sure he's really healthy so I'll put him in with my girl soon. How long after they are put together can I begin collecting eggs that will be fertile? :confused: It's...
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    Which Incubator?!?! SUNCOO?

    I'm looking to hatch some ducklings from my show winning Welsh Harlequin! :yesss:I've never incubated before and am on a budget. I've found two incubators that look promising: SUNCOO Digital Egg Incubator Hatcher with Automatic Egg Turning Temperature Control for Chicken, Poultry Hatching for...
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    Multi Purpose Bird House/Run

    Do you have any idea how much just a box would cost? I'd be putting in birds I wasn't afraid would escape. I'd just like an estimate, as I am comparing aviaries and really like this design :)
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    Different Species With Pheasants

    I'm going to the Pennsylvania Aviculture Society Tailgate later this September! I am so excited to get involved and am looking to possibly get a few more birds! :D I'm wondering what species can live with pheasants that are perhaps lower to the ground or higher. Does that make any sense...
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    Is Pressure Treated Wood Dangerous?

    I am working on building a night enclosure for my pheasants. I've run out of room in my barn so this enclosure has to be completely outdoors. The plans I have seem well ventilated but I'm unsure of the dangers of pressure treated wood. Will the chemicals be dangerous to my birds? What's the...
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