Is There a Movement to Make Deathlayers APA??

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    I have recently been reading up on Deathlayers and am wondering why they are not APA. It seems they are historic, is it just cause they are a new import? Is there a movement in the U.S. to add them to the APA list? I know the Cream Legbar is a few years out from being added but is there even a start for Deathlayers?
    Just want some info if you have any :D
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    There is no guarantee that CL will make it.
    Adding a breed to the APA takes at least 7 years and at least 200 shown individuals. It is a costly, drawn out process.

    Deathlayers are not in the APA because not only are they a recent import, but they haven't even been here long enough to make the minumum 5 year ownership requirement. At least 5 APA members who have been members for least 5 years are needed. Then 200 birds must be shown by at least 5 exhibitors.
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    The APA is an organization for exhibiting poultry. Some of its prominent members would like to limit the list of recognized breeds for exhibition to about 10 breeds. They feel that too many breeds make takes away from quality and competition. Others are open to new breeds because it keeps things interesting and prevents burn out in the organization. No one whats to see a breed be added to the APA standards book that doesn't have a large group of APA members actively exhibiting. Judges, show committees, APA exhibitors, etc have to learn the standard of all the breeds in the standards book. They can't do justice at learning and exhibiting all 2,000 breeds of chicken in existence so they focus on the ones that have the most interest for exhibition among the APA members. No being in the standard book of the APA doesn't take away from a breed. It just means that there aren't enough exhibitors in the APA membership for it to have strong competition at shows. I have worked with Marans, Legbars, and Basque Hens. The Marans already have been admitted into the APA and I have been to APA shows were well over 100 Marans were on exhibit by dozens of different exhibitors. The most Legbars I have seen at an APA show was about 30 and most shows in the country will see just 2-3 if any at all are at the show. In communication with Canadian Breeders I know some of them have exhibited basque hens but I personally have never been to a show with a single Basque hen. So...some of these knew breeds might become well enough establish to get added to the standards book but many of them will not and it doesn't take away from what the breed is they just aren't the top choice for show birds.
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