Aug 7, 2018
Northern Va
I just got some Red Golden chicks a few months ago! :D They are growing so beautifully I can't wait for more and more color to show up!

Unfortunately, they are batshit crazy. We had a mycoplasma scare two weeks in with the turkey's we bought at the same fair, but luckily the goldens were tested to be clean. While we were worried about the mycoplasma only one family member took care of them (my dad) who doesn't really know that much. So basically they weren't handled in the beginning which sucks. :( Now they are 4 months old. Are they still tameable? I'm not looking for chicken or even duck friendliness, I just want them to eat out of my hand and not panic when we go into their cage. We have to take them out of the cage to clean it and they get all stressed out like we are murdering them. I have a boy and a girl. The girl is much calmer but still on-edge. Please help!
Every time you go to visit them,give them peanuts(unsalted only).Before long they will be waiting for their treats when they see you.Remember these are gamebirds and may not tame at all,but goldens seem much calmer then the others.It will take time so don't expect them to tame down quickly.
In N.H.,Tony.

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