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    Standard Turkey poults or hatching eggs wanted.

    I know it's late in the season, but needing to replace some predator losses in the flock if at all possible. Color doesn't matter, just needs to be a standard breed. Any help appreciated.
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    Bargain sends out some lovely large and beautiful colored EE eggs for a good price. Reccomended by a newbie.
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    WTB Marans, EE, Aracauna, amaracauna

    Forgot to mention I can trade seeds as well if interested! I have a ton of rare, unique, heirloom, and new garden seeds to trade. I can trade all seeds, or do some cash and seeds. I am an independent plant breeder and produce farmer in Pekin Indiana and have a huge collection. Most of our...
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    Looking for used hovobator or little giant, have lot's of seeds to tra

    Just got a little giant a little bit ago and have had eggs setting for about 5 days I made one previous hatch before this, 60% hatch. Problem is I've got about 2 dozen guinea eggs coming in shortly and I need to get another incubator and don't have much cash to spare (about $25). However I do...
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    WTB Marans, EE, Aracauna, amaracauna

    Looking for any of the above! Thanks!
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    12 EE eggs FS

    You should have mail, I'd love to have 'em!
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    Guineas (lavendar & pearl) SE IN

    Hello, I am definetly interested. I sent a couple of PM's but I'm not sure if they got through the system or not since I couldn't find them in my outgoing message box. I've been looking for Guineas in Southern Indiana for a couple of weeks now without much luck. Would love to know where you...
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    Looking for guineas in Southern Indiana

    Hey all, first post here on the site. I'm a small produce farmer and plant breeder/ginseng grower/worm farmer and now chicken and guienea enthusiast here in southern indiana. I am currently looking for some gueineas, would prefer keets, but don't mind juveniles or even young adults or even...
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