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    Female reproduction and death

    A single soft egg is not terribly unusual, once in a blue moon, and usually self-resolves. If it becomes a pattern, it gets serious really fast. Try offering her crushed eggshells (it's better than oyster shell). If that doesn't work, try to disrupt laying pattern by removing her nest or even...
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    Scared geese

    Congrats on your new geese. They are so lucky you found them! Water is the key to making friends, as they love fresh water more than treats. Bring them small buckets of fresh water as often as you can. Even if they have fresh water, they still love getting more. It takes days (sometime...
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    Duck raped goose.

    I've seen that happen twice at my place. A few years back, I had a smaller domestic drake that was fixated on trying to rape my geese. After a few weeks of non-stop yelling at him and chasing him off, I sold him. Then last month, I ran out to save an older, arthritic goose getting raped by a...
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    2020 Gosling Hatch-A-Long

    I didn't think I'd have any news to post on this thread, as I hoped to not have any goslings. But I should have known my most productive goose was going to hatch babies. I tossed her first nest away mid-incubation 6 weeks ago, but lost track of time in getting her 2nd nest tossed while cooking...
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    What Type of Gosling is This?

    They look like toulouse goslings to me. Adorable! Congrats!
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    Announcement BYC Recognition Medals

    Thanks for the nice surprise! Congratulations to all who received awards. :)
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    What kind of goose is this? Purchased at local farm store.

    I disagree and believe it is a grey toulouse baby. If you look at the top of the beak, it will be rounded with african/chinese, but for toulouse, it is squared off. Congrats and hope you have a buddy for him, as there is nothing worse than raising a solo baby!
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    Young goose off her legs

    I'm so sorry to hear this. Laying shell-less eggs is very dangerous. Best thing to do is offer her crushed egg-shells and lots of fresh water. If it is a single episode, then usually goose recovers fine. Occasionally, a goose will appear very sick for a couple of days after laying shell-less...
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    2020 Gosling Hatch-A-Long

    :( I hate when that happens! I'm really sorry for your loss.
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    Introducing new goslings to gander

    I'm sorry for your loss. It must be very hard on your gander to lose both. I'm sure he is in shock and grieving. Getting him goslings would be wonderful. So long as weather not too cold, you can introduce them immediately. If he is anything like my ganders, he will likely do a better job...
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    2020 Gosling Hatch-A-Long

    Serv, are your females yearlings? None of my dewlaps lay fertile eggs until they are 2yo. I'm seeing breeding and nesting, but not paying attention to who is laying where. It is still bitter winter and all eggs freeze quickly.
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    2020 Gosling Hatch-A-Long

    Serv, it is possible, but you have to get a health certificate that your flock is free of certain avian diseases, and an import permit. Not sure how much it costs or how long it takes, but I doubt it will be quick and easy.
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    2020 Gosling Hatch-A-Long

    If you want your girls to eventually attempt to hatch babies, then I'd not take away eggs. Instead, offer small piles of straw along edge of nest, so they can build nest up and better insulate. Once there are 10 or so eggs, then I start removing the oldest eggs. I find 6-7 eggs is ideal for my...
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    2020 Gosling Hatch-A-Long

    Congrats on finding the nest. Buffs are productive layers, so an early start to season is not unusual. If your girls are still hanging out as a group, then they likely have not started cooking them yet. Really smart geese know to sit just enough to keep them viable and protected until ready...
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    Hay for geese

    Our local feed stores carry small bales for horses. That's what I'd try to find. Geese do not dive into hay the same as grain or treats, but do appreciate grazing on it 24/7. It seems there's always at least of couple of our geese cleaning up hay around our hay trailer or fence-line where we...
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