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    Did anyone else get that email survey this morning about an hour ago?

    I got the survey yesterday, in my email, not from BYC. I pretty much realized it was Purina. Told them I use Layena, answered the questions, qualified, and am expecting a coupon in a few weeks. At the end they thanked me for being a Purina Poultry Club member. I thought it was upfront with the...
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    Hen Laid Really Strange Object (graphic Pics)

    Wow, what an old thread to pop back up. Brings back memories. For the new posters, I remember the "egg roll" pictures. It really looked like an egg roll, in a weird gross sort of way. It was probably what is called a "lash". A rare sort of thing with little info available. Here's several pages...
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    Washingtonians Come Together! Washington Peeps

    Maybe something here will help Ogress: Imp
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    Washingtonians Come Together! Washington Peeps

    Full grown eagles will certainly take an adult chicken given the opportunity. It seems somewhat rare. I've heard more about eagles taking ducks over the years. And hawks appear to cause more problems. Probably because there are more of them. Maybe the best defense is lots of cover/trees/brush...
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    Washingtonians Come Together! Washington Peeps

    Yeah, that would make a difference. lol cmsdvm told me there was other options, might still be able to help. There is a thread here about decrowing Imp
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    Washingtonians Come Together! Washington Peeps

    Are you talking about Decrowing an adult rooster? It's a rare vet that will do that. I think you mean neutering/caponizing a male chick. I looked into that when I had a cockeral. There is a vet member CMSDVM here that has a vet practice that does it, in the Tacoma area. I waited too long (I...
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    Washingtonians Come Together! Washington Peeps

    Quote: Sorry. :-( If you are interested, Reber Ranch (Kent) gets Polish in during their Chick Days. I've seen them every year. And been tempted. If memory serves, they are black with white crests. Their list shows that they are ordered for March 6th. Imp- good luck
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    Washingtonians Come Together! Washington Peeps

    Thought I'd mention that chick days at Reber Ranch, in Kent, starts Feb 21st. Website: List of chicks, ducklings, goslings: Imp
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    Washingtonians Come Together! Washington Peeps

    It looks like Reber Ranch in Kent is going to start getting chicks in, at the end of February. Reber is in Kent (East Hill) not too far from Covington and Renton. Nice place, just remodeled. They usually have an extensive list of breeds available, but I don't think it's ready yet. They get their...
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    Brrrrr...... ([{)[{shivers)]})]} I think I'll stick to Seattle. btw- sending the warm up your way. Imp
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    How do you heat your coops

    Hi and welcome HP60, I have had a 13W cfl light bulb on, in the coop, for about 12 years. It has never given me or the chickens any problems. They will rest fine with the light on, just as they do during the day. I have not had any pecking, plucking or cannibalism issues. The only difference I...
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    Nice story Chickerdoodle. Imp
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