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    Do the people in your life "friend" each other on Facebook?

    I have the friends I play games with, actual friends, a few friends from BYC and my kids. Ex SIL friended me...mistake...MIL friended me...giant mistake. My friends don't friend each other. Unless we all went to school together or have hung out together. I have friended other members of...
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    More Spiders for Redhen

    I moved the dryer today and found wolf spiders. I HATE spiders. They are not cute. They are the nastiest things. Anything with 8 hairy legs and eight eyes needs a can of raid. I hate walking when the tarantulas are out in the next town. There isn't much I'm scared of but clowns and spiders...
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    Not so crazy after all!

    Quote: I'll settle for some rain, lots of it. What is rain??? I keep hearing that we are going to get some but nothing ever happens.
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    Not so crazy after all!

    I check on my constantly. I'm glad your birds have a southern accent....then they can understand mine and tell the girls to stop going broody. LOL With 20 new babies and all the others I live outside with the hose, ice, and frozen treats. This weather has got to stop. Every animal here is...
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    (Warning: morbid)... but pretty funny IMO

    Quote: Collection agents, IRS auditors and postal workers beware indeed. My Fil is a mail carrier and has been flogged by roos on a route he once had. They had to put a notice up for other mail carriers that there was attack chickens. Some thought it was funny until the roos chased them...
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    Chicken Rescue!!!

    I voted for it.
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    My boyfriend on silkies...

    I have 4 Silkies. Some like to be held others don't. I do have a pen just for my silkies and Cochins because they are smaller. But they do hang out with some of the bigger ones. Silkies are something either you like or you don't. I had my first Silkie years ago. They can't fly, they can't...
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    My boyfriend on silkies...

    Quote: Ranchy, I want to thank you. I was in the store the other day with DD and just busted up laughing. Laughing so hard I had tears, doubled over the works. People staring and asking if I was ok. DD asked what was wrong and since I couldn't talk I just handed her a box of dusters...
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    (Warning: morbid)... but pretty funny IMO

    That is the remains of the mail carrier that brought bills....(in their mind, more bills, less treat money)
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    Do Silkies remain cuddly all throughout chickenhood?

    Usually they do. I have 4 and only one is lets say..difficult.
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    What would nab a chicken during the day?

    A cat could have taken one. I have lost a few to cats.
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    hot days, blacktop, and dogs--a rant

    Awesome Sour!!!!! Not many people would have said anything. people are supposed to be "superior" but animals have more sense than most people I know. Again...Awesome.
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    Lemme see your Bantam!! xD

    Quote: Yes that was Scrappy. I'll get a more recent pic of him for ya.
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    Lemme see your Bantam!! xD

    Here's mine...
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