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    Our Coop Is About Done

    WOW!!! That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! You have some very happy and lucky chicks, and a very lucky wife! I also thoroughly enjoyed reading your story! Really made me chuckle. Great job!
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    New Fenced in Chicken Yard!!! PICS!!!

    I really love living in our woods. We had to clear out a big section of trees so we could have a nice grassy yard. The pics are just one corner of the yard, and now I can start gardening again and everything won't get eaten by the girls! Had no idea they could dig up a really big rosebush...
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    New Fenced in Chicken Yard!!! PICS!!!

    We fenced in the back corner of our yard just for the chickens! We lost one to a hawk this February, and they've been locked up in their coop/run a lot since then. Now that we have plenty of tree cover, they can play in their own little yard. Also making some covered A frames for them to hide...
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    Cremation or Burial?

    I chose burial. I want my body to be buried, as soon as it can be, but I want a plain casket (like a Jewish one) and as little embalming as possible.
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    in this random rambling thread we post random pictures

    I love this! So glad a pepsi isn't $50 yet.
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    Trying to live on McDonalds Chicken Nuggets

    I agree with the folks who said it's more of a parenting problem. A 2 yr old can't drive themselves to McDonalds and get chicken nuggets. As I learned with both my kids, no healthy child will starve themselves to death just to be stubborn. My older son went an entire day without eating when...
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    Has anyone ever tried this? I don't really get what a "penny auction" is, and I've read online that some people just love it and others call it a real scam. Opinions? Thanks!
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    Who is your candidate?

    That was a cool little quiz! Too bad I'm not voting for any of the potential candidates. I got Obama.
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    Legislation to improve lives of egg laying hens

    Thanks for pointing me to this! I don't eat eggs at all, and I shop like someone who is allergic to them, I don't buy anything with eggs (or meat or dairy). The only eggs my kids eat are the ones from my chickens, or from my neighbors chickens. When they slow down laying in the winter, they...
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    Lost chicken to predator for the first time. How long should they stay penned up?

    Thanks so much for all the suggestions! We are going to fence off a corner of the yard with a gate for us to go in and out, and put high posts around inside to support a chicken wire cover. I'm also going to try an owl on top of the coop, and hang some mylar strips and old CD's around. Their...
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    This don't look like a chicken in my chicken coop

    So nice to read a story with a happy ending!!! Good job!
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