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    My dog, the egg gatherer

    I have another dog, Bowie, who plays well with the chickens. She doesn't chase them. She will ocassionally do the butt in the air play stance at one, but chickens don't really understand what that means. If a ball flies over a chicken and Bowie runs at the chicken, the chicken will fly...
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    My dog, the egg gatherer

    That is what I feel is the biggest blessing. We were going to fence off the chickens from the dogs, but they do so well together and the chickens seem very happy that we didn't bother. It's the occasional call from the neighbor letting us know the chickens are in the front yard problem when we...
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    My dog, the egg gatherer

    I know we are one of the lucky few whose dogs don't want to kill the chickens. Our neighbor's dog LOVES the chickens they just got (we are slowing over taking the town with chickens). But my other neighbor, who started the chicken craze, the dog next door wants nothing more than to eat their...
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    My dog, the egg gatherer

    She's a good pointer. I was scared she was going to give the chickens a heart attack following them around the yard at high speeds, but thankfully the chickens aren't scared of her. If they don't run, there's nothing to chase. So she "points" at them like this... Coincidentally, that...
  5. Hook and Mabel

    Hook and Mabel

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    My dog, the egg gatherer

    I know someone else posted a thread about their dog doing this a little while ago, but I've searched and searched and couldn't find it. I thought it was great that her dog brought eggs back to her. Well, my girls started laying two weeks ago. One of my EE's either doesn't know when the egg...
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    The EE braggers thread!!!

    My girls gave me eggs at 22 weeks! I was expecting them to be late bloomers, but they started with my RIR and Austrolorps. The bottom two are from my EE's. The picture doesn't do them justice. One lays olive green and the other is more of a sea foam green.
  8. Eggs!


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    First Egg Countdown

    I had two eggs when I got home today. I'm pretty sure one was from the Austrolorp that had already laid, but my RIR was throwing a fit and left me one. Now one of my EE's has parked it in there. That surprised me. Hopefully I will have a cool green egg today!
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    Post your FIRST EGG pics!

    I got my first solid egg, with shell today!!! My Australorp, Ethel started laying at 20 weeks and two days. I first found a broken egg, so no picture. My assumption is she didn't realize they were coming so she let it go while sleeping on her perch. Then an egg without a shell, also dropped...
  11. First egg in nest!

    First egg in nest!

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    Best breed for backyard coop?

    My RIR seems to only make noise when she sees people, kind of like a dog. She is so funny about it though. She's not quite laying yet. Hopefully any day now, so I'm not sure about her laying sounds. But my, when we walk out of the house and she sees us, she starts yelling and running for us...
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    Australorps breed Thread

    Ethel gave me two eggs that I found Saturday morning, but she dropped them while sitting on her perch and one didn't have a shell. Couldn't find any yesterday.
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    First Egg Countdown

    I think Ethel, my Austrolorp laid two eggs. Unfortunately, I couldn't eat either of them. I found her in her nest yesterday, but I think I startled her so she let them go while up on her perch. One had a shell and broke when it landed below her. The other didn't have a proper shell and...
  15. 1st egg, with no shell.  Feb 11-ish.  Found in coop while cleaning.

    1st egg, with no shell. Feb 11-ish. Found in coop while cleaning.

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