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    A Picture of GJFers

    I'd completely forgotten about this! Due to many technology issues, the original file is lost and my drawing tablet is broken. However, I'll probably hand-draw this at some point. I'm really sorry for my unreliability!
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    Post Your Crushes Thread 3.0

    Yup. Guys need to start falling for me...
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    New members can't edit their signatures. Just be patient!
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    What would you name yourself if you had the choice?

    Anilee, Elsbeth, Grace, Naraplina or Merida.
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    BYC Drawing Club(NEW!!!)

    Oh, good! I was worried I'd offend you (some people get really sensitive about their art).
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    BYC Drawing Club(NEW!!!)

    They're both pretty good. The hand one could use some shading, though, and the fingers should be longer.
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    *~*Hunger Games RP*~*

    I'm guessing this isn't even happening anymore.
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    Stranded RP **ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT**

    Name: Anilee Eldriss Job: Guard (though she's not very good at it) Personality: She's a very social person. She is good at arguments. She isn't very good at physical activity, though. Lying comes easily to her. Appearance: Her dark brown hair is cut into a neat, short bob with a think fringe...
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    Good Song, or Bad Song?

    Bad song, but annoyingly catchy. Ievan Polkka- Lilly & Megurine Luka
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    State a fact about the person above you!

    Thinks that I am a numbat, which I am not.
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    YES!!! That explains it!
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    Hey heny.

    Hey heny.
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