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    Young wild bird

    Baby birds that are fully feathered like that are not orphans, they are on the ground learning to fly. They often get stolen from their parents by well-meaning people. Best to put him back, even a day later.
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    Rat with a Nose Bleed

    I agree with others, why bathe a rat? It stresses them out, and there is always the possibility that they'll ingest soap later when grooming themselves.
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    Small flock of chickens and chicken coop

    DH and are moving to Prattville, and alas, our new place is in town, so the flock isn't going with us. Anyone in this region of Alabama want them? I have: -1 guinea -1 RIR hen -1 BA hen -4 EE hens (one of them a silkied EE!) -1 Ideal 236 roo They were hatched last spring, so they should still...
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    How about this? Pigs?

    I've never heard of a guard-pig, but it might work if you started out with a baby. My bird-mentor friend that got me started at chickening keeps a couple burros in his pasture, and his bird coops are just sitting in the middle of the pasture. The birds get total free-range, and they stay safe...
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    Should I, or shouldn't I? A question more than 15 years old for me...

    Small thing unrelated to your issue: Giant, unbroken walls of text are really hard to read, paragraph breaks save eyeballs. As for the guy, if it's going to cause strife, it's not worth it. I was raised by a single dad (and he was the greatest dad in the world!). When I was very young, he...
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    couldn't ...resist....the temptation....

    I love carnivorous plants! I used to be really into them, and I remember reading that the traps on them are only good for one or two snaps, then that leaf dies and a new one comes up. So maybe you didn't totally kill it.
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    fleas & dogs

    Imo, Comfortis is the best thing on the market right now. It also stays effective for awhile longer than a month, so you can stretch the dosing to every five or six weeks to save cash. I worked as a vet tech in college, and I noticed a few years ago more and more clients complaining that...
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    Two dead hens and I can't get over it- advice?

    Don't beat yourself up about the hen you culled for your friend. You did a kind thing. I *promise* you, if you felt the neck break, that hen was dead. A bird's nervous system is constructed differently than a mammal's, and they really can be dead and still kick around as if in horrible pain...
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    It makes a difference

    I love that story! I need to keep printouts of that in my bag, for when people decide to criticize me for stray dog fostering and wildlife rehab...
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    Homemade GUMP Bread - best I've found! **New pics added on pg. 5**

    I bookmarked this thread long ago, and earlier this week I finally caved and made some. It is WONDERFUL! I caught husband in the kitchen gnawing on the heel of bread yesterday :-P What we've done with it: Muffalettas! Mayo, mustard, hot ham, salami, marinated onions, tomato, lettuce, olive...
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    Happy Summer Solstice!!!

    I had the most wonderful solstice celebration! I got married on the 19th down in Gulf Shores, AL and the whole trip was covered in good omens from the earth! Our pastor read two different Native American prayers instead of stodgy old 1st Corinthians, and I loved it. At the rehearsal, a small...
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    what to do with wine and beer bottl

    Bottle tree!
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    Bank fraud warning-check your accounts!

    I just got off the phone with the bank, my account is now safely frozen until we figure this out! I was looking at my online banking, and I noticed a charge from this morning for $4.89 from IM GAMES COM LLC. I didn't use my card today or yesterday, so I called the bank. The charge is from...
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    The Gulf spill and it's wildlife.

    Geeez, my blood pressure goes up just from seeing the word "dispersants". The dispersant use is classic powers-that-be idiocy. If you can't *see* the oil, then everything's fine, right? Of course, once dispersed, it keeps right on with the poisoning of critters and the ripping-out of food web...
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    My son was right! Scary!!

    WriterofWords, I am just floored by that story. You are a seriously tough cookie.
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