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    Copied Hennebunkport!

    Great Job!!! I really like the roosts and the front door. I hope you had a great time building it. 8x8 would have reduced my Take Care, Shawn
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    Comment by 'OutdoorFun4' in article 'Hennebunkport Coop Design'

    Billyb, It's a tinted weatherproof varnish.
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    Comment by 'OutdoorFun4' in article 'Hennebunkport Coop Design'

    OK... my apologies. I certainly don't log-on enough if the new format is new to me! Thanks for the kind words! My family and I enjoy the coop everyday! As a matter of fact it was a big cleaning day yesterday taking advantage of the warm weather. The answers to the questions: 1. It cost about...
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    Our Chicken Adventure

    Our Chicken Adventure 09/19/09 It has finally happened! We have our first egg! The kids noticed our Rhode Island Red go off from the flock to visit the nest boxes. And in a little while....Success! A perfect egg. It was just a little smaller than a store bought egg. Not bad for a first...
  5. Hennebunkport Coop Design

    Hennebunkport Coop Design

    "Hennebunkport" This simple design was created last winter from hours of pouring over BYC coop plans. We wanted a structure that would look at home in our part of the country and had conversion potential if this chicken experiment went off the tracks. The coop was designed to house 6-8...
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    What breed will you never have again? Me? It's...

    We like all of our birds. However, we won't be getting more Black Australorps - Noisy and mean. Our RIR and BR seem to be our best layers and most behaved.
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    eating eggs

    My chickens are eating their eggs how do I break this habit?
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    Is this normal for molting or going broody???

    Our BO has been hanging out in the nest box lately. We figured she has gone broody. When my daughter checked for eggs yesterday she noticed that the normally proud hen had lost most of the feather from her breast area. The hen is not low on the pecking order and seems fine otherwise. Is this...
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    WOW, look at this!!! DONE and Updated with new pictures!

    Wow! What great craftsmanship.... It is truly a work of art. I also think it will be very functional. Not much wasted space and a high center will make it easy to clean. Thanks for sharing what's possible. Nice work!
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    Newbie - Getting 8 Chicks in a week! Need a Coop Soon!

    Welcome ZanyMama. For 8 hens you will be looking at the medium and large sized coops on this site. You have plenty of time to get this project done before the chicks need a coop. You need to make some decisions soon if you are going to build it yourself. So many styles and great ideas...
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    Oh no I said I just wanted 4 or 5

    Seems like this is early in the year for this full blown case of chick addiction. Perhaps you have a new strain? H1HEN1 ! Agreed to 2 - raised 15 chicks - We kept 8 for ourselves
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    water leaking into nest boxes

    Do you have a picture of the leaky nest boxes? It might be an easy fix. Probably not... but it would be good to take a look.
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    Just curious, how you prepared your first egg

    We scrambled it. It made it easier to split four ways!
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    Hi, new member here from west Texas

    Welcome! I thought the guide at My Pet Chicken was great. They also have a really good breed selection tool that is fun. I asked my questions to BYC members as they came up. The members here are great. One word of advice... the number of posts is not a reflection of chicken knowledge. 1500...
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    Best Run Material?

    We have fox and raccoons in the yard every night during the spring, summer and fall. This set up has been able to keep my birds safe. I even leave the door into the run from the coop open except for the coldest nights. (10 to -10) It has: A 4x4 base with P.T. 2X4 frame Hardware Cloth...
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