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    Do you feed your roos layer feed?

    We made the switch to Flock Raiser and offering oyster shell. The birds seem to be doing great! We have chickens and ducks that include a rooster and drakes. I will say the ducks eat a lot oyster shell though. I haven’t done any scientific research but I have read on here anecdotally that...
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    Which rooster to cull?

    I agree with Mrs. K. And that is what we did. We had 6 roosters and needed to get down to 1. There were some obvious nos that we started with. And then let some time pass to see how flock dynamics changed. Especially if you cull a really dominant rooster you will want to see how the remaining...
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    I'm so stumped!

    Here are a couple of my Black Javas. Where did you get your hens from?
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    I'm so stumped!

    She reminds me of my Black Javas! Is she large? My Java’s eyes are nearly black like that. I can’t find any good pictures of them. Otherwise I would share.
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    Looking for tips on coop setup for egg collection

    Sorry I should have specified in the post these are ducks. Luckily my chickens are very good about using their nesting boxes.
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    Looking for tips on coop setup for egg collection

    Hello! Our girls have started laying eggs. They are either on top of their bedding and super dirty or I am having to dig through their bedding to find them. There isn’t a visible nest (or it’s not obvious where they might be hidden). Any tips? I don’t want to have to dig through their bedding...
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    Quail Class

    I’m curious what feeds people use for their quail. I used a turkey starter when they were babes and now mix a chick starter and wild dove and quail feed.
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    Official BYC Poll - What Do Your Chickens Live In?

    Coop + enclosed run + free range during the day on 5 acres. Every once in while we put up some poultry fencing to keep them contained while work is being done that we don’t want them to get into.
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    🍃August Hatch-a-Long🍃

    Our quail are now laying eggs! Started last week. Had to share this beauty.
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    What Breeds Are Most Common With BYC Members

    In addition to Sussex we have Black Java and Barred Holland.
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    My first quail eggs :)

    Congratulations! So much fun getting your first eggs!
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    What did you do in the garden today?

    Pulled up some garlic. A little bit of an experiment from stuff that went old from the kitchen.
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    Water belly?

    Thank you! They are a little flock of Anconas, Buffs and a Blue Swedish.
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    Water belly?

    Thank you! Although we plan to switch to Purina Flock Raiser once the birds are a little older Scratch & Peck is for both chickens and ducks. I have reached out to them before to confirm things like their niacin amount in the feed. That makes me feel much better! When trying to research I was...
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    Water belly?

    She is 16 weeks old. She eats organic grower (Scratch & Peck) and has a grassy area to forage in everyday. I was able to feel it and it was soft (nothing firm or warm). She seems to move fine and behave normally. I am worried it is water belly...please help
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