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    Hi! My name is Karen and I just got back into chicken farming again last May (2008) after not having chickens for 9 years. Bought some Americaunas, Rhode Island Reds and Golden Comet hens at our local feed store. Then my friend gave me an Americauna rooster. So we have 12 hens and a rooster...
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    The war continues.

    Well I killed a few raccoons several weeks ago after they decimated my flock. We made our coop more secure and have had no problems for several weeks. I have a few sumatras that are escape artists and refuse to roost in the coop. There is a very small space they can escape from in the run. I...
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    Garden beside chicken run?

    Our coop is also next to our garden and we have fenced it with portable electric poultry net fencing in the winter and allowed them to forage and fertalize. Just keep them out of it in the spring and when your veggies are in season or they will eat your garden!
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    Raccoon problem!

    I'm so sorry. There is almost nothing worse than finding dead chickens in a coop in the morning. I am having the same problem here. Secure your coop so there is no possible way for them to get in and use electric fence around it. Kill as many raccoons as you can. You might consider keeping the...
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    Need prayer!

    Of course!
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    Son deployed back to middle east yesterday :(

    My daughter also deployed last week. I will be praying for her and her unit as well as everyone else over there each day. Will also keep your son in my prayers. It is a difficult thing for a parent. I am a nurse and was kind of wishing I could go over there and work but I have younger children...
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    Marriage, Blended-Family, Special-Needs Kids, Farming (UPDATE)

    These are opinions from a person who's been married fr 25 years (I think every family and situation is different): Question #1: If you want a good marriage your husband comes first but not at the expense or neglect of the children. You should come first to him also and if he is a good husband...
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    Ever known a hatchery to make a mistake?

    I have had hatcheries make mistakes but it is usually an error in sexing.
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    Coon trap set.... Questions

    More coons feed at our deer feeder than deer! We have a cuddeback camera setup so we know they love corn! We also know they love corn due to the fact that they can take down a whole crop of sweet corn on the night before we plan to pick it!
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    show quality speckled sussex ??

    Thank you math ace for restarting this thread. SS are one of my favorites but mine are from a hatchery as I know of no one around me who breeds them. I would love to learn more about the breed and would also love to find people who breed show quality birds.
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    Finally caught one of the little killers!

    Have been setting the live trap in our barn and baiting it with canned catfood all week with no results until last night. Went and checked around 1130PM and found the long haired yellow kitty I've been seeing around. I let her go and did not rebait the trap as I was tired. I wasn't even careful...
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    How long do cockatiels live?

    Your vet doesn't know birds very well. I think the average is about 20 years for a cockatiel.
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    Photos of my new fuzzy butts

    Very cute and great photos!
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    WTB Buckeye chicks

    Thanks I like Meyers also and drove there to pick up birds earlier this week. They just don't have any buckeyes available till August. Will check Buckeye Dave out.
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    Craigslist: What's wrong with this chicken?

    Actually kind of a cool looking chicken pink or no pink.
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