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    How Much Diatomaceous Earth To Use

    I just found out that Maple syrup suppliers carry Diatomaceous Earth for use in filtering. Atckinson's has it by mail order for around $35 CAD. Hope this helps any Canadians having trouble finding it.
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    Brave, brave drake

    The drake is a Runner X Rouin if you can believe it. Amiga - I'm used to seeing small foxes, about the size of a terrier only taller...this one was the biggest I've ever seen and more golden coloured than usual red. Beautiful fox. I have to get secure day-time duck housing. At night they...
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    Piles of feathers- is it a fox?

    I've never had a problem with foxes before but this morning one was grabbed right off my front porch just as I was headed in to get another coffee. The fox only got the hen's tail and one of my drakes was intervening, which really surprised me! The drake was flying in the foxes face and the...
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    Brave, brave drake

    Well I love my ducks but I've been known to say they were "quite useless". Mess in the winter, always trying to mate with the hens and on and on. Well this morning I let everyone out of the coop so I could watch them when I was having my morning coffee and the duck started making a huge...
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    Canadians check in here....

    Quote: Hi There... my Mom is now in Victoria but used to live on the Shushap. My brother is now in Perth and he says lots of people keep chickens there. Welcome to BYC. Merna
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    Turkey starter for Ducklings

    Thanks everyone - I've been going back and forth with this. Game Bird starter isn't really available here, most of the commercial producers are using turkey starter but I don't have a great feeling about it - I've been feeding chick grower and lowering the protein with scratch, greens and oats...
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    young hen with an injured foot/toe

    I have a 2 month old pullet who got out of the run this afternoon and was chased for a couple of minutes by my exuberant dog. She is not putting weight on one foot and her outside toe appears to be sticking out at an a bit of an angle. She appears to be in pain and in some distress but not...
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    Turkey starter for Ducklings

    Thanks Shelleyd - What's Katy's user name or is it Katy LOL M
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    Feeding 6 week old chicks

    Well I didn't read the label (the large print is in French) at the feed store this morning and came home with 20% grower - I was trying to reduce the protein to around 16% for the hens to grow slowly until they start to lay. What would be best to mix with this feed to reduce the protein levels...
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    Turkey starter for Ducklings

    Well I've had a bit of a bad day at the feed stores, I just let the guy load the bags into the car and didn't translate the labels until I got home. The English is in very fine print. So I was at the local Co-op and they recommended turkey starter for the ducks, they've been on duck pellets...
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    Pros and cons to keeping a rooster

    Well I had my suspicions for a little while - one of my "hens" was a lot bigger than the others and had huge feet, her behaviour was a bit different than the others. I got them as chicks May 15th and this morning on my way to the coop I heard a pathetic but distinct crow! I rushed in and...
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    Do you made your chicken coop manually?

    Quote: Oh can I relate! I made a budget, doubled it and I'm still off to the hardware store this morning.
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    I'm not able to set posts for a run

    Quote: That's a great idea and a very nice coop you built. Did you attach the wire at the bottom or did you only lay it out and back fill?
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    I'm not able to set posts for a run

    I'm glad I'm not the only one with rocks. I plan on using the ample rock we have here to lay over the wire around the perimeter for sure and I also have tons of old brick. I wasn't planning on going as far out as Pat suggested but there isn't any reason why I couldn't. I was very bad...
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    I'm not able to set posts for a run

    Hi all! I'm in need of a little Saturday morning assistance. My soil is too rocky to set posts in the ground for my run (well everything is possible but hiring a backhoe is beyond my budget ) Will laying landscape timbers down, backfilling with crushed stone and using brackets for upright...
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