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    Hen With Squishy Crop - Advice Needed

    Thank you! I will give that a try.
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    Hen With Squishy Crop - Advice Needed

    My BCMarans has also had a squishy crop and her underbelly feels swollen the past few days. She acts normal, eating and active but I think I will try the Miconazole cream. How much of the cream did you give her per dose?
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    Taming Broody Raised Chicks

    You are very right in that the chicks will not be tame at all because the mother will not let them near you and they will be very scared and almost impossible to catch. I just waited till they were full-grown and I handled them off the roost and I hand feed them treats and they are starting to...
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    11 weeks, no eggs

    Mine took nearly 4 months off this winter! Some of them have just started laying again.
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    What is coming out of my hen? Please help.

    Looks like she laid a soft shelled egg that broke. I always get worried when that happens, because it can cause problems. Keep an eye on her and make sure that she has oyster shell to peck at. I would also break up a Tums and give it to her, maybe give her a couple a day and make sure she lays...
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    What should a newbie start with?

    If they are going to be pets, I would suggest starting with chicks and not getting any more than four for that amount of space. You can always add more later.
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    4 week old Lavender Orpington gender?

    I agree with you number one definitely looks like a boy. The rest all look like girls to me.
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    Comment by 'SurferchickinSB' in media '1345DB24-4335-4E69-9DF9-677E474E76CA.jpeg'

    They love their greens! I just seeded another section for them, so I opened up an old section and they’re loving it!
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    Fluffy butt:)
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