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    Comment by 'texas75563' in article 'Chicken Treat Chart—the Best Treats for Backyard Chickens'

    My chickens get bread on a regular basis. They love it! When I clean fish they get the fish guts. On squirrels, rabbits, pigs, and deer they get the organs. They get horn worms and grasshoppers when the weather heats up. They get left overs when there is some left.
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    Best rooster breed with small children

    Bielefelders are gentle giants. I've had them for 6 years. I've had many roosters not an aggressive one in the lot.
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    Chicken poop in the Garden

    I clean my chicken pens out in the spring. I just spread it out over the garden and till it in. I have a good garden every year. In 2 or 3 months I will add more chicken poop in between the rows and let the rain wash it into the ground. That serves 2 purposes: fertilize and burn up weeds.
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    How to RAISE a good rooster.

    I keep about a dozen roosters at all times. I handle all my chicks regularly for about 2 weeks. Between 6 to 8 weeks they get moved to the chicken pen. I have 4 pens together separated by chicken wire. Between 4 to 6 months they get integrated in with the other hens and roosters. I occasionally...
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    What are your chickens favorite snacks?

    Right now it is cream filled cookies. If I'm eating outside, 1 of my spitzhauben hens wants whatever I am eating. She gets fussy when I'm too slow feeding her.
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    The 8th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-a-long!!!!

    This isn't a post I keep up with. But, I set 15 spitzhauben eggs on the 25th. I have 3 out under heat lamp. Then I have 7 or 8 more pips. I have a hen with 10 or 11 eggs. I heard a chirp late this afternoon. I have 2 more hens that were set the next day then the next day. My 3 broody hens 11...
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    A Bielefelder Thread !

    I have eaten a lot of Biel roos. Age is your 1st factor. Age will determine your cooking options. You don't want to fry an old bird. ( You can after soaking 5 to 7 days in fridge) A chicken around 6 months old or younger, you can cook however you want. I've enjoyed the taste of my Biel roos. I...
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    A Bielefelder Thread !

    I would go with 2nd egg from left being the Bielefelder egg.
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    A Bielefelder Thread !

    I'm predicting some extra large eggs and good layers. Different colors but very similar crossing to what I did. Let us know the egg size, once they have been laying for a bit. Oh and buy the way, I like them!
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    A Bielefelder Thread !

    Here is a picture of my Bielefelder rooster over black sex linked hens offspring(ignore the 1 bielefelder hen that has slipped in there). 1 of the black sex linked hens had a white patch on her chest. That is where the white colored rooster came from. There where 2 white roosters and 1 black...
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    A Bielefelder Thread !

    Crossbred chickens often make better chickens then their purebred parents. I have some Bielefelder crossbreds( intentialyy crossbred) I wouldn't take any amount of money for.
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    A Bielefelder Thread !

    To me, I would say 3/4. Color looks a little off. Color and patterns change as they age. Something just doesn't look quite right to me.
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    A Bielefelder Thread !

    Biel Roo x CL Hen The hens look like a little larger version of the CL hens. The roosters look nothing like either parent...
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    Cream Legbar Hybrid Thread
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    Cream Legbar Hybrid Thread

    The Biel x Cl roosters tasted great. Wasn't a lot there after dressing. They dressed out between 2 and 3 pounds. Young enough to get some meat off of them. Young enough they made great fryers.
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