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    Broody hen personality influence on her chicks

    Thanks I'm not out to lunch then on thinking this! Has anyone tried using this to raise more skittish breeds like leghorns? I like to keep a couple leghorn hens in my flock for the egg production in winter, if I put my leghorn chicks with one of my confident chick raising hens, I'm thinking I'm...
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    Breeding project- bearded OE (mine don't have them and ee's are not available)

    Oh gosh you might be in the same boat as me with my crossbreds. My cockeral has only just started getting saddle feathers at 14 weeks, although I knew 90% he was cockeral due to size, legs, red comb before that. But yeah 14 weeks to be 100% sure!
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    Breeding project- bearded OE (mine don't have them and ee's are not available)

    My crossbreed barred cockerals have female pattern barred rock feathering, I assume due to having only one barring gene and my rooster being of a strain to create exhibition females so he passes on very nice barring.
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    Broody hen personality influence on her chicks

    Hello wonderful BYC people. I have been wondering about the influence of broody hen personality and behavior and how that effects their chicks personalities. I have hatched broods with 4 different hens so far, 3 of those hens having hatched multiple times. The chicks that are raised by 2 of the...
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    Local non organic vs shipped organic

    Very common for all 'smaller' producers here to use peas as we don't grow much soy in New Zealand. I'm not sure the organic vs conventional matters that is up you personally, but I prefer peas over soy. Here organic feed isn't really available and what is available is imported, so I buy local...
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    Three Easter Eggers laying like crazy over this winter.

    How was their laying last winter or were they not old enough to lay then? Some hens just do lay during the winter. I have a few that just keep on going. In my experience chickens treat red light like no light but that isn't based on an egg laying light situation as I don't need to us...
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    calcium in a mixed flock

    I give oyster shell always available and also feed back crushed dried eggshells. Mine will eat it. Sometimes they eat a lot more than other times, but my eggs are always fine. Are you having weak egg shell issues? If not perhaps your hens just don't need the extra right now.
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    Troubleshooting fermented feed

    Feed ferments a lot slower in cold weather than hot weather. Sometimes if it's cold enough it won't ferment at all. That could be your issue. Soaked feed is still better than dry feed though! I ferment grains not premixes, whenever I've tried premixes I end up with goopy sludge that I can't...
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    How many chickens will fit in this coop?

    I'm not sure how big the actual coop itself is but I think you'll have to answer how many more for yourself! Is there room to add another roost bar? My main flock has more room than they need for their current number, but they're jerks and won't let everyone up onto the perches even though...
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    Probably the dumbest questions ever....

    Hi! I fill my winter runs with a thick layer of bark chip/wood mulch. It keeps the mud down and the poop dissolves into it. They scratch it all up and it slowly decomposes over time. I also use it on the coop floor, then cover that with whatever I'm using, shavings, straw, hay. It is a lot of...
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    Once Upon a Farm Flock Adventures

    Another introduction! Presenting Boss Lady. She is a light sussex hen. I also got her from the lady down the road, she is best friends with Opal. As you can probably guess, she was my head hen, but she now lives with Opal in the Old Lady run. The addition of a mature rooster proved too much for...
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    First time young broody has hatched

    Safest is to seperate. It is hard to say for sure, they might be fine or they might not be. I would seperate for the hatching process at least. Mama hens get very protective of their chicks, and the chicks could get trampled in any arguments that go on between hens. I keep my mama hens with...
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    Show off your roosters

    Yup it's the 13 Pro Max. I was going to get one too but it's just so darn big (well, and expensive, that's a whole new coop!). I have serious camera envy though.
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    Once Upon a Farm Flock Adventures

    Well, my husband is away on a work trip so I shall take the opportunity to continue this story. Otherwise I'd just be watching Netflix or some such. Here is a photo I found of the aforementioned Toes and Widget, being broody together. They raised two rounds of chicks together last season: I...
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