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    Need help figuring out what Tractor supply sold me!

    They could be black sex link but if they have a white spot on their head they are more than likely a cockerel.
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    Incubating for the first time.

    Thanks for all the input. I’m trying to hatch eggs from my flock so I won’t be out much if they don’t hatch. Giving my kids a science experiment sense they have to do their learning from home now.
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    Incubating for the first time.

    Thank you . I opened the vent in the top and humidity is slowly decreasing.
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    Incubating for the first time.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Incubating for the first time.

    Ok thank you. Several web sites said 50 to 55% during incubation and the up the humidity to 65 -70% at lock down. I will lower it.
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    Incubating for the first time.

    I started a batch of eggs yesterday the humidity was between 50 and 55 yesterday and also this morning. I checked this eve and it’s now 60%. Is this ok or do I need to lower it?
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    Chicks are dying and I can't figure out why

    Don’t know if this is a possibility but I’m thinking maybe heat in bringing out toxins from the puppy pads. Just a thought.
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    Leghorn or Cornish?

    White Rock Pullet
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    Is my chicken a roo

    My guess is pullet but more pic would help decipher the sex.
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    Best part of anatomy to do mite/lice check?

    Check around the vent and under there wings.
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    What’s Wrong With My Rooster?

    How is your rooster doing? Did you take him to the vet?
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    Thanks to all that replied. I appreciate it
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    They are 12 weeks old
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    First two and last two pics are one bird. The other four are the other.
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