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    Hen Suddenly Laying Less

    Every time I've thought this was happening, it turned out that they were laying somewhere else. If your hens free range at ALL, search the area very thoroughly for a hidden nest. Look in spots that seem to small for a chicken to even get into. If possible, spend some time with them while...
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    Can chickens eat cooked beans, like kidney beans?
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    Newborn chick's leg turned sideways!

    Thank you, Eggcessive and iwiw60! I don't think the poor little guy would have lasted more than another few days if we hadn't euthanized him, was having a lot of difficulty getting to the food and water on his own. I have been putting Nutridrench in their water, just to be on the safe side...
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    Newborn chick's leg turned sideways!

    Thanks for the information! After looking at the various pictures, I determined that it was not spraddle leg but a deformity of some kind... My DH had to cull it this morning. We've lost many birds to various factors before, but this is the first time we had to do it ourselves... difficult.
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    The Natural Chicken Keeping thread - OTs welcome!

    Regarding the mite problem I posted about-- thanks for all the replies! Things have gotten complicated because the hatch happened earlier than I anticipated-- last night and this morning. Now, we're going to wait until the hatch is definitely over, and move them all to a different coop, one...
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    Newborn chick's leg turned sideways!

    My broody's eggs just hatched (last night and this morning) and one of the chick's legs is all wrong. It looks like it's turned sideways, going out instead of down. It's hard to tell, but I think this same chick was getting around fine a few hours ago-- maybe mama hen stepped on him or...
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    The Natural Chicken Keeping thread - OTs welcome!

    Red mites! I think my broody has them. Her eggs are due to hatch tomorrow or Sunday and she's tight to the nest, what on earth do I do? I added a new waterer to her little broody house, in case the chicks hatched earlier than expected, and what looked like a red mite ran out of the...
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    Buff Orpington roo in central VA

    Thanks, piglett! I got him rehomed today. Tried putting saddles on the hens, but he for some reason didn't like that and chased the girls around the yard trying to get the saddles off them.
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    Selling price for eggs

    For free range/ organic/ non-GMO eggs here in central Virginia, you could get $5 a dozen at the farmer's market.
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    Buff Orpington roo in central VA

    Need to find a new, good home for our lovely Buff Orpington rooster, Xander. He is exactly one year old, with a sweet, docile temperament. Very tame, easy to pick up/ hold/ etc., he can free range around my 2-year-old and 4-year-old sons with no worries. But, we live in an urban area and can...
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    Chicken nipples in soda bottle?

    I did this when I was raising chicks last year, in their brooder. I think it was actually a water bottle, but same idea. Works just fine!
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    Injured Chicken!

    I hope she pulls through! You'll get much better responses if you re-post to the "emergencies/ diseases/ injuries" section of the forum, instead of here in the coop-and-run pages. Try there, and you'll probably get a knowledgable answer!
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    Rooster's legs all red

    Oh wow, thanks you guys! I had no idea. I've had chickens for about 5 years now but he's my first rooster, so I didn't know about the hormones. I did notice that even though he had some frostbite over the winter, his comb was looking really red too, but in a good way-- vibrant. Should have...
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