1. Little Chicken Girl
    "Sweet & Practical Great for Families"
    Pros - Awsome egg layer, Gentle, Docile, great around kids, friendly, easy to handle, intelligent, beautiful
    Cons - Lack of available color variations. Large comb makes this breed more prone to frostbite than some. Competitive with other breeds.
    I absolutely love Australorps. They are gentle, sweet, docile and have a friendly disposition that makes them perfect for first time chicken owners and families. Australorps get along amazingly well with each other. However, Australorps are often competitive with other breeds. Australorps love to roam free but they bear confinement well and do not usually fuss about being cooped up. Australorps are pretty hardy chickens. They are also beautiful to look at. In all, they are one of the best, most popular, classic breeds of all time.
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  2. Indyshent
    "Like Orpingtons but... not"
    Pros - Tend to lay well, good dual-purpose breed, cold hardy, healthy
    Cons - Risky dispositions, gnarly tempered roosters, few available colors
    Australorps are basically like Orpingtons (not surprising considering their lineage) except they're readily available in only one color and have more variable temperaments. They often lay better than Orpingtons, but I don't think they lay so much better (if at all in many lines).

    I've met a lot of difficult Australorps--both hens and roosters. Domineering hens, ones that are downright bloodthirsty concerning injured birds (even people, because I've had some that followed me and my kids around just to peck at scrapes and scabs on our lower legs), ones that are always broody, ones that are incredibly noisy. I've met nasty tempered Australorp roosters who refused to give ground--regardless of their odds in the fight. They're often very mean to the ladies and likely to start fights with other birds.

    They're pretty and not always nasty (not even usually, in all likelihood), but the nasty one's I've met have pretty well put me of the breed. Even when nicer, they tend to be boring, especially if one is only keeping a single breed.
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  3. Chullicken
    "Beautifully Boring"
    Pros - Energetic, Alert, Humble
    Cons - Egg production is average, lack the personalities of some of the other breeds
    They are striking, have a very discerning glance to them and seem to do well in the cold weather. Not the best foragers in my experience and they waste more food than my other breeds. The few I have had are 'tame', but not very approachable. Seem to do well in confinement and get along with their flock mates. Australorp breeders seem to be enthusiastic about their flocks, however very sensitive. These are not high volume production birds, but over all do have a certain charm about them that makes them definitely worth trying once.
  4. shawthorne44
    "So friendly"
    Pros - Sweet, and good egg layers
    Cons - I'd wanted a sweet, dual-purpose breed. But they are so sweet, they might all die of old age.
    They are so sweet and good-natured. They aren't mean to each other or us. This is very important to me. The only thing they do bad is pick on the one being held because they are jealous, so I have to stand to give them loving. I also had to buy crocs as my chicken shoes to protect my toes from hens pecking my toes declaring that it is their turn for loving.

    They are giving us lots of eggs for very little food. I guess that leads to another small con. They have 1600 sq. ft of Chicken Yard, but about half of them easily fly over the fence that is over 5' tall. We lost one and I tell myself that she joined the flock a few houses down.
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  5. famerzellman
    "Love her"
    Pros - hardy , sturdy, good nature, easy around kids, and not loud
    Cons - does not like to be handled and aggressive to new birds
    I love my oynex shes just simply sweet. Only problems is she does not like to be picked up and is very bossy to new birds who enter her space. But over all great bird!!!
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  6. allisonrbaker
    "Good, Solid Birds"
    Pros - Consistent layers
    Heat/cold tolerant
    Stress tolerant
    Cons - None
    I got my four australorps girls as laying adults who were not handled regularly, so mine are not the friendliest birds, but are not anti-social either. They came with an australorp roo who is extremely gentle and an absolutely gorgeous bird, though he does like to crow. I lend that to being raised around a dozen other roosters though. Highly recommend this hearty breed for clockwork layers with a beautiful look.
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  7. RainForestBird
    "Quiet and Beautiful - Heat Sensitive"
    Pros - Quiet - my roosters did not crow
    Gorgeous plumage
    Early Hatchers
    Cons - Heat Sensitive
    Late Maturity
    Very quiet roosters, and beautiful. Huge black birds with iridescent feathers and bright red comb and waddles. They hatched a day earlier than every other chick (of different breeds) in the incubator, all set at the same time. On the other hand, they were sensitive to the cold as chicks, and I had to revive them when the brooder light was not intense enough for them. But they came back to life after I held them close to my chest for warmth. If not handled regularly they can become flighty. But if you play with them a lot, they can be very personable. Unfortunately, mine succumbed to the heat during a very hot summer in California.
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  8. beccaWA
    "Egg Laying Machines"
    Pros - These birds lay almost every day for years.
    Quite docile and quiet.
    Heat and cold tolerant.
    Cons - Sometimes aggressive toward lower hens.
    I love these birds. They are docile and quiet towards human and other hens, usually.

    They lay almost every day, even through most of the winter. My birds are four years old and still lay that much.

    Hot and cold hardy.

    Although I have not used them for meat, they are large enough to use as dual purpose.

    They go broody fairly easily, which for me is a plus. One of my hens raised a clutch of baby ducks after setting on the eggs for the longer incubation time duck eggs have.

    One small con I've noticed is that one hen (I have no roosters) will become the "rooster hen" and be a little aggressive sometimes toward the lower hens. Nothing resulting in injury, just the roo mounting behavior.

    Use caution mixing this breed with more dominant breeds, such as RIR, as Australorps usually end up near the bottom of the pecking order.
  9. SoCalClucker
    "Good layers, sometimes on the aggressive side"
    Pros - Steady production of medium-large eggs, beautiful coloring, assertive foragers
    Cons - One Australorp became too dominant to keep, but the other is just fine
    We've always had a few Australorps in our flock for their steady laying, communal personality and beautiful colors. Never had a problem with them until one ended up as the top of the pecking order and let it go to her head... we tried to give her time to settle down, but the abuse of the other girls just got to be too much and we had to rehome her. The other Australorp we have is just fine, so it may have just been that particular bird. I wouldn't say they are the most docile of breeds and wouldn't necessarily consider them a "must have" in our flock moving forward, but at least the one we still have now is still producing well and behaving like a good girl. :)
  10. lbierly
    Pros - pretty
    Cons - aggressive with other breeds.
    I have 2 Australorp, 2 Barnevelders and 2 Easter eggers. I find that the Australorps are very aggressive to the other birds. My 2 Barnevelder have no back tail feathers, thanks to these birds. So they are about to become dinner. My Barnevelders and easter eggers are so gentle and calm and get along with each other. The Australorp are always coming up behind them and taking out a feather. Will be looking to replace them with another breed.
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