1. G Mitch
    "Beautiful egg layers"
    Pros - Heavy egg production , Great looking breed
    Cons - None
    One could make a good argument that these are the best brown egg layers . I would put them right up there with the Golden Comets and Red Stars breeds . These really do lay lots , and I do mean lots of big brown eggs . My experience has been that while the Comets may lay maybe about 20 more eggs per year , the Australorp egg production lasts at least one year longer although the feed to egg ratio is a little better with the Golden Comet . Would absolutely recommend this breed . Roosters are down right beautiful birds .
  2. MaryJanet
    "Very cheerful chook"
    Pros - Lots of eggs, very beautiful, likes to chase wildbirds away from the food
    Cons - My Australorp doesn't like the heat.
    I'm very inexperienced, but I've known Leghorns, ISA brown crosses, one Australorp, and one Barnevelder. Of these, the Australorp is my favourite. A very sweet bird who likes fun as much as she likes being gentle. Gorgeous big and dark eyes, a lovely cascading tail, green and purple iridescence in the feathers, tall, funny "whiskers" on her face. She also lays lots of eggs (seven in a row - maybe another today). Eats well, not fussy. Won't drink water with levamisole in it though.
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  3. chub_the_chick
    "Great starter birds"
    Pros - easy to raise, pretty hardy, quite, and very friendly!
    Cons - hard to catch,
    Great bird, easy to care, for very good for people just starting chicken keeping!:)
  4. MotherOfPeepPeeps
    "Great Hens!"
    Pros - It's the middle of December and freezing temps, but my seven girls are taking in stride and and still giving me 5-6 eggs a day. The last time I had a seven egg day was Thanksgiving! They are very hardy, docile, friendly birds.
    Cons - None.
    I love my austalorps. My barred rocks quit laying at the end of November, but my Australorps just keep plugging along!
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  5. Alexandra33
    "Just OKAY...."
    Pros - Attractive, and good layers.
    Cons - Nonexistent personality.
    One was enough for me. Not that it's a terrible breed, but my experiences with them aren't spectacular. :) Birds with "blah" temperaments simply aren't my cup of tea. However, if you're looking for something decently nice to look at, and lots of medium brown eggs, Australorps are for you!
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  6. moniquem
    "Love this breed"
    Pros - Docile, sweet natured, not to loud
    Cons - None so far

    This is Thelma, she is about 7.5 months now. What a good girl she is. She has been laying a beautiful brown egg at least 5 times a week since she was 18 weeks old. Very quiet, no drama just a lovely chicken. I'm a first time chicken owner and have a small flock of 4, a SS, BR,EE and BA. If I knew then what I know now I would have gotten a couple more of these.
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  7. Coop Z-ville
    "Terrific Breed with Lots of Personality!"
    Pros - Friendly-LOVE people
    Like to chat with you
    Fun to watch
    Get along with other breeds of chickens
    I love my two Black Australorps, Winn and Dixie. They are the clowns of my flock-always the first ones at the door or gate to greet me. They are excited about any treats I bring, but while the others are enjoying, they are looking at me like, "That's it? What else do you have-maybe it's behind your back or in your pocket." They make me laugh!
  8. MROO
    "Nice Overview"
  9. OK_to_WA_Farms
    "Love her!!"
    Pros - Hilarious personality, regular layer, great at flock protection, never been broody
    Cons - FAST and nearly impossible to catch
    We LOVE our Australorp! She is hilarious, an awesome forager, and her eggs are delicious! She has done well in our backyard flock - tolerates being kept in her run and free ranging. She tells the other hens when danger is near and is always reliable at rounding the other hens before going to safety herself. Love love love this hen! 2018-01-27 04.04.36 1.jpg
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  10. Kentucky girlz
    "Mine's a talker"
    Pros - Sweet, friendly and hearty, but a bit of a diva
    Cons - none
    I had 2 Black Australorps and both of them had VERY big personalities. One was the 'runt' of my first flock and she ended up dying early at just 15 months. She was the friendliest chicken we had and would quietly sit on your lap. The other one is still going strong at 3+ years and this one is a 'talker'. She is not quiet at all like the breed standard which just goes to show that you can't always go by the 'norm' She is SO funny though and will talk back to you the entire time you are outside.
    This breed may be cold hardy, but she is the only one who will stay in the run if there is a little bit of snow on the ground. Don't get me wrong, the others don't like snow either and won't come out if it's an inch or more, but Zelda will stay inside and yell about it if there is just a dusting and she's the first to run in when it starts to rain.
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