Pros: Friendly, quiet, great egg layer
Cons: None
I love my Australorp hens! They're beautiful and so soft. Both are friendly and don't mind attention. One of them likes to crawl into my husband's lap and snuggle regardless of what he's doing or if he's in the mood for chicken love. They get along well with everyone else in our mixed flock. I've never seen them pick on anyone else and nobody really picks on them. They're just the bff to everyone else. Oh, and eggs for days! They consistently lay an egg a day. We've rarely missed one and when we thought they were slowing down, we found a rat snake in the coop so I can't blame that week on the girls :)
Pros: Great consistent egg layer
Cons: Not as friendly as some of my hens
Consistent layer of large eggs and quiet most of the time. May become noisy if they perceive something is amiss. Loves to free range. Not very friendly but does remain curious when I offer corn, bread or any other snack.
Purchase Price
$3,00 each
Purchase Date
March 2019
Pros: Docile, friendly, sweet
They are so sweet!! I had 3 of them!! Those names are duck, margarita, and forgot the last name of my other bird. Duck was the runt out of them, the first day we got them she played in the water!! Day old chicks!! She was debeaked!! I love them so much!!
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Pros: I just got m first Australorp chick .... she is SO beautiful with the dearest face and friendly.
Cons: Nothing ...
This isn’t a true review as I have had my 4 chicks only 5 days. But since I was getting so few and they are truly “pets with benefits” I based my 4 choices on the reviews of others. So far ... perfect!
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Pros: Love her little coos, good egg layer, mixes well with other chicks and chickens
Cons: vulnerable to aggressive chicken breeds, too sweet and passive to defend herself
Like the breed well enough i got two more Australorp chicks when adding to my flock.
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Pros: She lays every day. Every single day! Very friendly and easygoing, will add more in the future.
Cons: Nope!
Purchase Price
Pros: Very friendly, easy to pick up etc.
Great laying. Eggs almost everyday
Pros: Docile, sweet, quiet, cold hardy, egg laying machines.
Cons: none
I has a rooster named Duke and a hen named Raven a while back. What a beautiful chicken. Beautiful black glossy feathers with green/purple/blue tinges of color. Duke very protective of the girls and would call them when he found something good to eat. She laid all year and into the winter. They are quiet, cold hardy, dual chicken. Duke was a big boy, came up to my mid thigh. These are wonderful chickens for anyone to have.
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Pros: Good Layers, tasty roosters.
Cons: Keep a close eye on them in temperatures exceeding 95 degrees.
Good producers, but not meant for the southern states brutal summers.
Purchase Price
3.00 USD as chicks
Purchase Date
October 2018
Pros: Beautiful
Cons: Bossy
I currently have one Australorp, they are good layers and gorgeous looking. Originally had two, the other was lovely (she died unfortunately) this one however is soo bossy and sometimes aggressive, even the dog is scared of her, she will sometimes fly at me and peck me. She is friendly but sometimes it seems like she wants to be a rooster, she also gets quite broody though.
Pros: Lots of big brown eggs, very sweet, very cold/heat hardy breed, gorgeous feathers in the sunlight, very friendly birds!
Cons: The roosters get quite a bit larger than the hens, if you have a good rooster that is not aggressive he won't be a problem, frostbite in the winter can be an issue on the roosters large combs if temperature drops below -16.
We have several Australorps in our flock, they are very friendly sweet birds. Our girls run up to us every time we go to the coop you have to be careful where you step as to not step on them as they are always underfoot. They are very calm and have very laid back personalities. They are a bit lower on the pecking order but not bullied by the others in the flock. We never have any issues introducing new birds into the flock the Australorps are always very welcoming to the new girls. They are fantastic layers!
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Purchase Date
May 2018
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Pros: Oh I love these chickens~ SO affectionate, so sweet, great eggs producers and great guardians of the youngsters
Cons: none
I love raising this breed, and I'm always touched by their sweetness. I've raised them for 18 years, and I will be adding new chicks to my flock next Spring. They are wonderful, and really smart!
Pros: Great layers!
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Pros: Friendly, fearless, great appetite, hardy, great winter layers, broody
Cons: Over protective
Over protective over food and me, two of them attack my other breeds when I touch or feed them. They will eat just about anything you put in front of them but when they only receive layer pellet, they follow me around clucking and begging for snacks. They are very broody and will sit on their eggs for hours and when i take them away they go sit on my duck egg nests. But these girls are so social, they walk right into the house and dont flinch when the 80 pound dogs sprint by (or over) them. These are the girls I have harnesses for that will follow me around the feed store!


Pros: Sweet, handles well, excellent egg layer, extremely friendly.
Cons: Goes broody too frequently.
My Australorps are sweet and beautiful. My head hen can be a little bossy to the other flock members but for the most part gets along great with the other hens. When we are ready to set her she will be an excellent mother. Very dedicated. Goes broody too frequently though. Great interaction with humans. Fun, loving personalities!
Pros: Hardy,Sweet,Great Layers,Broody-Ish,Docile
Cons: Nothing Honestly
Australorps are some of my favorites because they are so hardy and. lay LOADS of eggs they are also great show birds with a fantastic amount of docileness
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Purchase Date
Pros: Heavy egg production , Great looking breed
Cons: None
One could make a good argument that these are the best brown egg layers . I would put them right up there with the Golden Comets and Red Stars breeds . These really do lay lots , and I do mean lots of big brown eggs . My experience has been that while the Comets may lay maybe about 20 more eggs per year , the Australorp egg production lasts at least one year longer although the feed to egg ratio is a little better with the Golden Comet . Would absolutely recommend this breed . Roosters are down right beautiful birds .
Pros: Lots of eggs, very beautiful, likes to chase wildbirds away from the food
Cons: My Australorp doesn't like the heat.
I'm very inexperienced, but I've known Leghorns, ISA brown crosses, one Australorp, and one Barnevelder. Of these, the Australorp is my favourite. A very sweet bird who likes fun as much as she likes being gentle. Gorgeous big and dark eyes, a lovely cascading tail, green and purple iridescence in the feathers, tall, funny "whiskers" on her face. She also lays lots of eggs (seven in a row - maybe another today). Eats well, not fussy. Won't drink water with levamisole in it though.
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Pros: easy to raise, pretty hardy, quite, and very friendly!
Cons: hard to catch,
Great bird, easy to care, for very good for people just starting chicken keeping!:)
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