1. alexa009
    "Beautiful chicken."
    Pros - Great egg-layers, beautiful eggs, docile, quiet.
    Cons - bossy and Aggressive over food.
    I got my australorp with another batch of chicks from a hatchery last Febuary. Very quiet bird and really docile and doesn't mind being pet, wasn't as docile as a chick but as she matured into a hen she was really friendly. She is a year old now. Her eggs are a different color from all the rest of chickens, usually pink with sometimes a purple tint in them. She is a really good egg-layer also, started laying at 4.5 months! Friendly with the birds but loves to constantly attack when she sees other chickens eating or foraging for food. Except for the bossiness she is a great bird! Here is a pic from when she was a chick till now.

    DSC05507 (3).JPG
    DSC01681 (2).JPG
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    Febuary 2017.
  2. eatwhatyougrow
    "Went Broody"
    Pros - lays well, good temperament
    Cons - none
    I had 3 of these hens, hatchery stock. They did well laying most days. of the breeds I have had, RIR, BO, BR, BCM, Leg, One of these hens was the only one I ever had go broody, it was great for the kids to watch her hatch out a couple chicks. Good birds I will get more.
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    1.50 chick
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  3. melzie
    "Love my "Austies" :)"
    Pros - Sweet Docile Friendly Inquisitive Beautiful
    I love my Australorps (I call them Austies!) We bought them from the hatchery at 2 days old. They act like parrots, lol, climbing my arm until they get to my neck and try to nuzzle me! It's bizarre to see a chicken behave this way!

    When they were little, they would run underneath me when I would crouch down to talk to the other hens in the gated run.

    They are inquisitive and would walk straight up to hens and for some reason they are the only chicks that were never picked on much when it came time for the new pecking order to be established. I would buy these again any day of the week!
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  4. UrbnGardenPeeps
    "Very cat-like....."
    Pros - Friendly, cheerful, clean, inquisitive, excellent layers, quiet.
    Cons - None
    Am I the only one who has come to the conclusion that Australorps are cats in chicken suits? My girls are almost a year old and are the first Australorps I've had. Spending a lot of time observing them over the past year, I've decided they are like cats! Maybe it is just my birds but they are fastidious! I've never once found poop in a nest box and not once have I had to clean an egg. They come out of the nest box pristine - just like from the store. I do keep their coop and run clean and they are not crowded but I'm not that obsessive about it. I never see poop on their fluffy butts. Even when they were chicks they didn't spray water everywhere or dump stuff over.

    Their personalities remind me of cats - very feisty but affectionate on their own terms. They are exceptionally curious and have to be elbows deep in whatever we are doing. Which can be problematic if we're trying to do a construction job in their coop. They want to "help". If I sit or squat in their run, they will be on my lap or shoulder - particularly if it puts me in an awkward stance and particularly if I don't want them to - exactly like cats...

    My girls are also really quiet. They yell a little bit when they lay and if they see me outside they will screech to get my attention but otherwise you wouldn't know they were there. They've been exceptional backyard pets in our typical suburban neighborhood.

    They love to be held and petted but on their own terms and usually if you have food.

    Unless my girls are just weird - I would think if you adore the sassy, independent but affectionate personality of cats, you would just love this breed!
  5. Playford Flats Farm
    "Personal Fave!"
    Pros - Talkative, seeet, gentle, fantastic layers, fluffy, very mothering, beautiful docile, child friendly, peace keepers
    Cons - None.
    My australorp hen, Lady, is such a sweetheart. I love her more than anything. She always has something to say every morning when I let the birds out of the coop. She doesn’t put up with other hens bullying each other. She’s always happy to see me. Not to mention she lays jumbo sized eggs, one every day. She doesn’t like snow, but who can blame her?
    I would 100% recommend this breed, especially if you’re new to chickens and/or if you have a family. These birds are super docile and don’t mind being man handled children. They’re very cold hardy, so you don’t have to worry about them freezing in the the winter. The australorp roosters I’ve met have always been well behaved birdies as well.
    They’re also beautiful.
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    September 15th, 2017


    1. 9DC022F8-0974-4BA7-A007-17919AE49C59.jpeg
    2. 09306CEB-2620-4A17-B6E9-C44C454D5468.jpeg
    3. 934DEAB8-EF44-4B48-A86B-32F03CE59450.jpeg
    4. 30196B43-36E7-46D9-931F-0AE36A2664EB.jpeg
    5. 5948ACC7-55D9-4E64-BB70-011129D0274A.jpeg
    6. ADE79D9A-BF76-4506-84AD-269F22399C9B.jpeg
  6. besorto
    "Great layers and amazing mothers!"
    Pros - Friendly, beautiful, great layers, fantastic mothers, easy to find.
    Cons - None!
    My first chickens were a trio of Australorp pullets, and oh boy were they wonderful. They each give me an egg everyday, even now when they're 3 years old. I've used them to hatch out ducks over the summer as well, and they are excellent mothers.
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  7. Chelsa'sChicks
    "Big and Beautiful"
    Pros - Extremely intelligent, large to xlarge eggs, quite birds, perfect free rangers, and lay daily.
    Cons - Eventually they die of old age.
    This breed is one of my favorites. They are extremely intelligent! The hens are brave, and if handled often as chicks they are even more open and friendly like a BO. They are not a flighty breed. Very large birds! Their large brown eggs are so large they sometimes do not fit into an egg carton.. so take caution when closing the lid. They are also excellent with free ranging! I have never had to herd them in the barn, they are always in with in the hour or 1/2 hour before dusk. They are a very independent breed that requires no fussing over them and will make due and find what they need with or with out you, but at the end of the day still appreciate the treats you bring them. Very weather hardy! I live with winter temperatures that drop -0 (F) with windchill and they have no problems, and continue to lay. They come and go as they please and come when I whistle a specific tune. I would 100% would suggest this breed! Great with kids and dogs.
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  8. Little Chicken Girl
    "Sweet & Practical Great for Families"
    Pros - Awsome egg layer, Gentle, Docile, great around kids, friendly, easy to handle, intelligent, beautiful
    Cons - Lack of available color variations. Large comb makes this breed more prone to frostbite than some. Competitive with other breeds.
    I absolutely love Australorps. They are gentle, sweet, docile and have a friendly disposition that makes them perfect for first time chicken owners and families. Australorps get along amazingly well with each other. However, Australorps are often competitive with other breeds. Australorps love to roam free but they bear confinement well and do not usually fuss about being cooped up. Australorps are pretty hardy chickens. They are also beautiful to look at. In all, they are one of the best, most popular, classic breeds of all time.
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  9. Indyshent
    "Like Orpingtons but... not"
    Pros - Tend to lay well, good dual-purpose breed, cold hardy, healthy
    Cons - Risky dispositions, gnarly tempered roosters, few available colors
    Australorps are basically like Orpingtons (not surprising considering their lineage) except they're readily available in only one color and have more variable temperaments. They often lay better than Orpingtons, but I don't think they lay so much better (if at all in many lines).

    I've met a lot of difficult Australorps--both hens and roosters. Domineering hens, ones that are downright bloodthirsty concerning injured birds (even people, because I've had some that followed me and my kids around just to peck at scrapes and scabs on our lower legs), ones that are always broody, ones that are incredibly noisy. I've met nasty tempered Australorp roosters who refused to give ground--regardless of their odds in the fight. They're often very mean to the ladies and likely to start fights with other birds.

    They're pretty and not always nasty (not even usually, in all likelihood), but the nasty one's I've met have pretty well put me of the breed. Even when nicer, they tend to be boring, especially if one is only keeping a single breed.
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  10. Chullicken
    "Beautifully Boring"
    Pros - Energetic, Alert, Humble
    Cons - Egg production is average, lack the personalities of some of the other breeds
    They are striking, have a very discerning glance to them and seem to do well in the cold weather. Not the best foragers in my experience and they waste more food than my other breeds. The few I have had are 'tame', but not very approachable. Seem to do well in confinement and get along with their flock mates. Australorp breeders seem to be enthusiastic about their flocks, however very sensitive. These are not high volume production birds, but over all do have a certain charm about them that makes them definitely worth trying once.

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