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  1. Mace Gill
    "Best all purpose birds!"
    Pros - Great layers, low maintenance, affectionate.
    Cons - Not often broody (at least not mine!)
    I love my Australorps! Excellent layers, even in winter, even at over three years old.

    They are easy to raise, low maintenance, eat almost anything, they like the cold, but hate the snow!

    Lay large brown eggs, are dual purpose so they are big enough to eat in a pinch.

    They forage well and are curious and affectionate (though all with different information).

    Perfect birds for first time chicken owners.
  2. mjett5578
    Pros - Very docile, AMAZING mothers, great layers of large eggs.
    Cons - NONE
    I've only had one adult black australorp (BA), but she was the sweetest thing. I got her as an adult along with 4 other breed hens. She was the only sweet one. She let me hold her, etc. Very soon after getting her, she went broody and was the best mother I've had. Definitely recommend for beginners, and experienced chicken owners.
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  3. ChickityChina
    "Wonderful for layer/pet!"
    Pros - Super friendly, likes being handled, kid-friendly, prolific consistent layer, never broody.
    Cons - Eats just a bit more than my other breeds.
    I have a mixed flock of seven currently and two of them are Black Australorps. They are without a doubt the boldest of the bunch and will always be the first to rush me at the gate for attention and scraps. They don't mid at all being held and petted and my two year old (who isn't very delicate at picking them up) carries them around in all sorts of awkward positions and they just calmly let her. Never ever aggressive. Super friendly birds. They are great layers. They were the first to start laying in my flock and consistently lay an egg a day. I have not had either of them go broody yet. They do eat a bit more than my other hens though, if they have any con at all it would be that. But overall, I highly recommend this breed, especially as pet chickens and for families with children.
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  4. Cadbury22
    "One of the best chickens I have ever had!!!!!!!"
    Pros - Beautiful hen, very sweet, gets along well with other chickens and humans, very tame
    Cons - I can't think of any
    I have had two Australorps. Both were good chickens and sweet to their flock. My newest Australorp is the nicest. She is very tame for a chick her age. Midnight is a very brave chick and was the first to stand on her brooder box and perch. My first Australorp was a good layer and lead the flock. She lead the flock away from any dangers and acted like a rooster at some times. Overall they are a sweet, beautiful breed of chicken.
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  5. Wyatt0224
    "Beautiful Birds"
    Pros - Amazing green sheen color, big eggs, big hen once matured
    Cons - Hens took awhile to mature to laying age
    The hens are beautiful. The one rooster I kept had an amazing green sheen that would shine in the sunlight. The hens took about 30 and 35 weeks to start laying and once they got the hang of it their eggs were very big. One even had a tint of purple to it. The one rooster did turn aggressive but that is separate. Every rooster is different.
  6. TinyBirds
    "Our first choice, twice!"
    Pros - Lots of delicious eggs, beautiful birds, pictures don't do them justice
    Cons - none
    We've had chickens two different times so far over the years, and Australorps are always our first choice. Both times they started laying for us at 6 months old or a little before. We got them from Ideal Poultry. They let us pick up our birds there so we don't have to have them shipped in the mail.
  7. CrazyHenLady386
    "Awesome starting birds"
    Pros - Tolerate cold really well. Roosters excepionally gentle. Great 4H birds!
    Cons - Prone to Bumblefoot. Roosters are hard on small hens
    These are beautiful birds. I had a great first experience with them. I entered them in 4H and they won grand champion at provincials. If you get them from a good breeder they are easily prettyed up for show. The hens lay really well with 5 eggs a day out of 6 hens. Super gentle and easily caught. Roosters (because they're so heavy) can easily hurt a smaller hen without any intention of doing so. Only give him access to hens that are similar to his weight (12lbs-8lbs). These Roosters are also FEARLESS to the neighboring cats, crows, other roosters etc. Very submissive breed!
  8. ECSandCCFS
    "Great Overall"
    Pros - Good layers, very sweet
    We have had an Australorp hen for a few years and she has been one of our sweetest, most docile hens. She in particular is not a great layer, but has gone broody every June so far. I know that this breed in general are good layers and docile. I would recommend this breed as a great beginner breed to start with!
  9. CherriesBrood
    "I love this breed"
    Pros - Very sweet, curious, smart, pretty, lays eggs very well
    Cons - Will be at the top of the pecking order even for its own siblings
    The black astralop breed is one of my favorite breeds. I have had two they were both very sweet, curious, and had great personalities. When I went out to the coop they'd walk over to me and just watch everything I was doing. They are also very smart and overall funny to watch. They are very good layers. Mine layed through out the winter and right from the start layed big eggs. I couldn't recommend this breed more, but they prefer to be with the older hens, and are at the top of the pecking order with their siblings and younger birds. If you have kids, or want a sweet disposition and hardy breed I recommend these very highly to you. :)
  10. bullrunslabs
    "A staple in my flock."
    Pros - Quiet, consistent layers of nice sized eggs. Stays put. Docile.
    Cons - May get picked on.
    I will always have a few australorps in my flocks. They are great birds, who forage well, and don't wander far. I have never had one who would escape. Very docile, can pet them while laying in the nest. I have had a few picked on and over bred by roosters due to their gentle personalities.

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