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  1. allisonrbaker
    "Good, Solid Birds"
    Pros - Consistent layers
    Heat/cold tolerant
    Stress tolerant
    Cons - None
    I got my four australorps girls as laying adults who were not handled regularly, so mine are not the friendliest birds, but are not anti-social either. They came with an australorp roo who is extremely gentle and an absolutely gorgeous bird, though he does like to crow. I lend that to being raised around a dozen other roosters though. Highly recommend this hearty breed for clockwork layers with a beautiful look.
  2. RainForestBird
    "Quiet and Beautiful - Heat Sensitive"
    Pros - Quiet - my roosters did not crow
    Gorgeous plumage
    Early Hatchers
    Cons - Heat Sensitive
    Late Maturity
    Very quiet roosters, and beautiful. Huge black birds with iridescent feathers and bright red comb and waddles. They hatched a day earlier than every other chick (of different breeds) in the incubator, all set at the same time. On the other hand, they were sensitive to the cold as chicks, and I had to revive them when the brooder light was not intense enough for them. But they came back to life after I held them close to my chest for warmth. If not handled regularly they can become flighty. But if you play with them a lot, they can be very personable. Unfortunately, mine succumbed to the heat during a very hot summer in California.
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  3. beccaWA
    "Egg Laying Machines"
    Pros - These birds lay almost every day for years.
    Quite docile and quiet.
    Heat and cold tolerant.
    Cons - Sometimes aggressive toward lower hens.
    I love these birds. They are docile and quiet towards human and other hens, usually.

    They lay almost every day, even through most of the winter. My birds are four years old and still lay that much.

    Hot and cold hardy.

    Although I have not used them for meat, they are large enough to use as dual purpose.

    They go broody fairly easily, which for me is a plus. One of my hens raised a clutch of baby ducks after setting on the eggs for the longer incubation time duck eggs have.

    One small con I've noticed is that one hen (I have no roosters) will become the "rooster hen" and be a little aggressive sometimes toward the lower hens. Nothing resulting in injury, just the roo mounting behavior.

    Use caution mixing this breed with more dominant breeds, such as RIR, as Australorps usually end up near the bottom of the pecking order.
  4. SoCalClucker
    "Good layers, sometimes on the aggressive side"
    Pros - Steady production of medium-large eggs, beautiful coloring, assertive foragers
    Cons - One Australorp became too dominant to keep, but the other is just fine
    We've always had a few Australorps in our flock for their steady laying, communal personality and beautiful colors. Never had a problem with them until one ended up as the top of the pecking order and let it go to her head... we tried to give her time to settle down, but the abuse of the other girls just got to be too much and we had to rehome her. The other Australorp we have is just fine, so it may have just been that particular bird. I wouldn't say they are the most docile of breeds and wouldn't necessarily consider them a "must have" in our flock moving forward, but at least the one we still have now is still producing well and behaving like a good girl. :)
  5. lbierly
    Pros - pretty
    Cons - aggressive with other breeds.
    I have 2 Australorp, 2 Barnevelders and 2 Easter eggers. I find that the Australorps are very aggressive to the other birds. My 2 Barnevelder have no back tail feathers, thanks to these birds. So they are about to become dinner. My Barnevelders and easter eggers are so gentle and calm and get along with each other. The Australorp are always coming up behind them and taking out a feather. Will be looking to replace them with another breed.
  6. gorobi17
    "Sweet and friendly"
  7. nanasnuggets
    "Awesome birds"
    Pros - Friendly
    Consistent layers
    Fits into a flock well
    Did I mention friendly?
    Cons - Easy coyote fodder - because they are so friendly
    Due to a coyote family in the area, we are down to ONE Australorp, down from ten EEs, Wyandottes, and Australorps.
    We've done our best to protect Hildy from the coyote family, hence, she's been sleeping in our youngest daughter's room at night in a large dog crate.
    She knows her name, comes when called, responds with a buk-buk or trill when called, and waits until outside to drop her 'marshmallows'.
    She's escaped from coyote attacks three times (downside of free ranging) with all but a few tail feathers intact. Through these attacks, she's continued to lay 4-6 days a week!
    All of our Australorps have been friendly, social girls, unlike the Wyandottes, who were just plain bullies.
    Nothing is more entertaining than watching the backside of an Australorp when running (oh, that waddle!), lol.
    We've only had three different breeds, so my opinion is limited; but I wholeheartedly recommend Australorps for anyone considering chickens.
  8. kacothran
    "Amazing Chicken"
    Pros - Reliable layer, friendly, beautiful
    Cons - None
    I have one australorp, and she is such an awesome chicken. She's never had health problems, is very heat tolerant, friendly to people, and is so beautiful. I definitely want to get more when I expand my flock some day.
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  9. Mace Gill
    "Best all purpose birds!"
    Pros - Great layers, low maintenance, affectionate.
    Cons - Not often broody (at least not mine!)
    I love my Australorps! Excellent layers, even in winter, even at over three years old.

    They are easy to raise, low maintenance, eat almost anything, they like the cold, but hate the snow!

    Lay large brown eggs, are dual purpose so they are big enough to eat in a pinch.

    They forage well and are curious and affectionate (though all with different information).

    Perfect birds for first time chicken owners.
  10. mjett5578
    Pros - Very docile, AMAZING mothers, great layers of large eggs.
    Cons - NONE
    I've only had one adult black australorp (BA), but she was the sweetest thing. I got her as an adult along with 4 other breed hens. She was the only sweet one. She let me hold her, etc. Very soon after getting her, she went broody and was the best mother I've had. Definitely recommend for beginners, and experienced chicken owners.
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