1. HennyPenny2019
    "Very Informative"
    Pros - I just got m first Australorp chick .... she is SO beautiful with the dearest face and friendly.
    Cons - Nothing ...
    This isn’t a true review as I have had my 4 chicks only 5 days. But since I was getting so few and they are truly “pets with benefits” I based my 4 choices on the reviews of others. So far ... perfect!
  2. want2know
    "Sweet and beautiful"
    Pros - Love her little coos, good egg layer, mixes well with other chicks and chickens
    Cons - vulnerable to aggressive chicken breeds, too sweet and passive to defend herself
    Like the breed well enough i got two more Australorp chicks when adding to my flock.
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  3. Virginia and James
    "Stellar bird"
    Pros - She lays every day. Every single day! Very friendly and easygoing, will add more in the future.
    Cons - Nope!
    Purchase Price:
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  4. isaacsibley
    "Great birds"
    Pros - Very friendly, easy to pick up etc.
    Great laying. Eggs almost everyday
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  5. mesalina87
    "Egg-cellent chicken"
    Pros - Docile, sweet, quiet, cold hardy, egg laying machines.
    Cons - none
    I has a rooster named Duke and a hen named Raven a while back. What a beautiful chicken. Beautiful black glossy feathers with green/purple/blue tinges of color. Duke very protective of the girls and would call them when he found something good to eat. She laid all year and into the winter. They are quiet, cold hardy, dual chicken. Duke was a big boy, came up to my mid thigh. These are wonderful chickens for anyone to have.
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  6. ScarletinaVixen
    "Good bird for places without extreme heat."
    Pros - Good Layers, tasty roosters.
    Cons - Keep a close eye on them in temperatures exceeding 95 degrees.
    Good producers, but not meant for the southern states brutal summers.
    Purchase Price:
    3.00 USD as chicks
    Purchase Date:
    October 2018
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  7. brkbrkbrk
    Pros - Beautiful
    Cons - Bossy
    I currently have one Australorp, they are good layers and gorgeous looking. Originally had two, the other was lovely (she died unfortunately) this one however is soo bossy and sometimes aggressive, even the dog is scared of her, she will sometimes fly at me and peck me. She is friendly but sometimes it seems like she wants to be a rooster, she also gets quite broody though.
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  8. Mitchell'sCoop
    "Eggcellent Layers"
    Pros - Lots of big brown eggs, very sweet, very cold/heat hardy breed, gorgeous feathers in the sunlight, very friendly birds!
    Cons - The roosters get quite a bit larger than the hens, if you have a good rooster that is not aggressive he won't be a problem, frostbite in the winter can be an issue on the roosters large combs if temperature drops below -16.
    We have several Australorps in our flock, they are very friendly sweet birds. Our girls run up to us every time we go to the coop you have to be careful where you step as to not step on them as they are always underfoot. They are very calm and have very laid back personalities. They are a bit lower on the pecking order but not bullied by the others in the flock. We never have any issues introducing new birds into the flock the Australorps are always very welcoming to the new girls. They are fantastic layers!
    Purchase Price:
    Purchase Date:
    May 2018
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  9. Spiritsmeadow
    "Black Australorps"
    Pros - Oh I love these chickens~ SO affectionate, so sweet, great eggs producers and great guardians of the youngsters
    Cons - none
    I love raising this breed, and I'm always touched by their sweetness. I've raised them for 18 years, and I will be adding new chicks to my flock next Spring. They are wonderful, and really smart!
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  10. hhefner
    "Great Bird!"
    Pros - Great layers!
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