Barred Rock

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  1. Tarnia
    "Vocal Sweetie"
    Out of my four hens, my Barred Rock is the most vocal - especially when I have treats! She is very sweet and an absolute beauty.
  2. Chickens4Life101
    "MEAN Rooster!"
    Pros - He was a beautiful bird and was good at protecting the hens.
    I have heard great things about Barred Rocks, so we decided to get one. He was a rooster named Brooks. He was so good looking, but wow, he was SO aggressive! He mounted those poor hens 100 times a day and whenever one of my kids went into the chicken free-range area to get the eggs, feed them treats, give them food or water, just play with the hens, etc. Brooks would attack them. He would attack my husband and me as well. Not to mention the fact that he crowed every minute! And I am NOT exaggerating! He crowed so much he lost his voice, but he STILL tried to crow! It's a shame because I have heard such great things about this breed, so I guess we really got horrible luck.
  3. kraftykrow
    "First chicken ever and I'm in love!"
    Pros - Great egg layers, Docile, Friendly even if you get them as adults, Deals well with confinement, USUALLY pretty quiet, Great for beginners, Weather hardy
    Cons - None.
    This is our first year with chickens and I did a lot of research trying to decide what breed would work best for us. I was torn between Barred Rocks and Australorps. Since Barred Rocks were much easier to come by, we went with them.

    We have three hens, Hennessy, Henocide, and Murder Parade. Despite the names, they are sweeties and couldn't ask for a better bunch o' birbs.

    We got them when they were already 16 weeks old and I worried they'd never be as people friendly as they would have been starting with chicks, but they warmed up fast. Now I'm trying not to step on them following me around, wondering what treats I have for them.

    Since they're the only breed I have and they grew up together they aren't aggressive towards each other. I can't even figure out who is head hen because they all seem so gentle to one another and humans. They're big though, so I've heard they can be bullies.

    The only thing to remember, although they are relatively quiet, there is always a chance you might get a chatter box. Two of my gals are happy little cluckers. Then there is Henocide, who is always squawking whenever there is someone around to hear her. It's not aggressive or louder than a barking dog. It is actually funny as long as she's not right next to my ear. She just happens to have a lot to say.

    Love them.


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  4. Graceeelizabeth5
    "Our sweetest Hen"
    Pros - Calm, docile, protectors
    Cons - Likes to wander, always the last in the coop
    Other than constantly stealing the cats food, the best breed we have. Shes calm, yet fearless. The only hen we have who hasn't been a bully to new arrivals.
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  5. kturnquist
    "Favorite Chicken"
    Pros - Sweet, good layer, curious
    Cons - Mine was a bit of a bully to the new girls
    Love my sweet BR hen. She is second in command but is much more docile than our top chicken and other hens. She's a great layer too, on average 5-6 eggs a week. She's still in her first year of laying so they're usually medium sized eggs but I'm hoping they get a little bigger once she's older.
  6. Norseman
    "Barred Rock Babes"
    Pros - Great disposition for mixed flock. Good with people. Handle confinement well. Good foragers. Predator savvy. Color good for camouflage. Good layers.
    Cons - None
    My Barred Rocks are part of a mixed flock. They get a few hours a day to free range on acreage. I don’t handle them too much. I want them comfortable around me but alert. When they go into brush/thickets under trees with dappled shade they are hard to spot. I’v witnessed one in the open dodge a hawk attack and run for cover. Savvy birds!


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  7. BarredRockMommy
    "Favorite Breed of Chicken"
    Pros - Great egg layers, friendly, larger side of birds, beautiful, hilarious
    Cons - They eat ALOT!
    Rosebud my first barred rock was my heart chicken :love I loved her alot. She was by far the best egg layer we had ever had (2-3 eggs layed EVERY day)!! The kiddos loved her and you could just walk outside and she was there ready to be picked up and thought she was queen bee of the roost. She was but she was very gentle putting the other hens back into their places. If she didn't understand something, she would tilt her head as if to say are you a complete idiot.

    They are very intelligent(at least mine was). She loved loved LOVED food especially worms. People who say chickens are stupid are completely wrong. mine learned 2 tricks. Lay down and Jump and than the normal one all of our chickens learned was up( which is where i would pat something and they would jump there)

    Only one con, to make up for all those eggs, she ate a ton of feed! Probably 3 cups a day + she was free range. I don't know how she packed that much away.

    I highly suggest this breed if you looking for huge brown eggs at least one a day.
  8. bignatefishn
    "Solid egg layers"
  9. HennyPennyCO
    "Good Information on my Favorite Breed"
    Pros - Handles Colorado winter weather with no problem (unheated coop), lays beautiful brown eggs, not fazed by family dogs
    Cons - Can't think of any except maybe years down the road you'll be running a retirement home for elderly Barred Rock hens because you'll get so fond of them.
    As everyone keeps saying - friendly, curious, laid back, reliable egg-layer.
    In my previous chicken-keeping days I'd had mostly Rhode Island Reds and got this breed this time around only because the RIRs were all sold out at the monthly chicken swap meet. I bought just one, sold to me as a Cornish Barred Rock, and at 5 years old she's now the last of that round of hens.
    We lost two very aggressive hens (a Silver Lace Wyandotte and a mixed something-or-other breed) to a renegade raccoon raid, and life for Roberta has been much more peaceful since then. We love her.
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    September 2014
  10. G Mitch
    "A great all purpose breed"
    Pros - Great layers , cold hardy , Lays well into the winter months
    Cons - None in my opinion
    I always called these a good Blue collar breed . They are a durable tough breed well built for the colder regions . Will lay well even in the winter . These have survived well below zero temps at night in my uninsulated layer houses with no issues at all . An all around good reliable breed . Roosters will supply you with plenty of eggs ready for the incubator if you wish to hatch some of your own and are generally non aggressive . Barred Rocks are one of my old reliable all time favorites and I always have some in my poultry houses.
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