Barred Rock

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  1. bmanty
    "Great birds"
    Pros - Friendly and outgoing
    Love my barred rock, every time I go in the coop she walks right up to me to see what I am doing. No problem in letting me pick her up and hold her either.
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  2. SFogg
    "All-around great breed, highly recommend"
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  3. Ryn2011
    "Wonderful Chickens"
    Pros - Great Egg Layer
    Winter Hardy
    Great Varying Personalities
    Cons - Can Be Mean To Other Hens
    I have six Barred Rocks in my flock and I love them. They lay big, round gorgeous and delicious brown (varying shades) eggs. They love exploring around the yard and are very sweet to my daughter and myself. Their salt and pepper look is one of my favorites of all breeds. I constantly remark they they look like they are wearing peppered bloomers as they strut around the yard. 20171129_150755.jpg 25994991_10214849174480460_1041846017893363302_n.jpg 26239075_10214982493813360_107551477113715561_n.jpg 26906964_10214988792730829_2428330923084129786_n.jpg 20171118_185803.jpg
    They can have conflicts with the other birds from time to time but all in all are wonderful additions to my flock.
    I would suggest that you keep them away from your smaller varieties as they can be brutes when it comes to the pecking order.
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    November 2nd, 2017/December 17th, 2017
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  4. 2Fast2Curious
    "Friendly breed."
    Pros - * Daily winter layer
    * Shoulder/lap bird
    * Talkative
    * Human-friendly
    Cons - Our barred rock was sickly from the start, and nearly died of an illness in the beginning. She also got egg-bound once.
    We had a barred rock for about two years before a predator got her.

    She was talkative and social with humans, and bonded with a red sex link. She took a few months to warm to us, but when she did, she was the shoulder bird every land-bound pirate didn't know they needed. Bottom of the pecking order.


    We have a mixed cockerel who looks to be part barred rock - we don't know if he'll take a similar path, but he is bottom of the pecking order. Like her, he is LOUD and fairly talkative.

    We've found our barnyard mixes have had far better health than the purebreds and hatchery lines. That said, I'd recommend birds with this heritage if you're looking for a friendly companion who lays through the winter.
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    July 2015
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  5. Ashley McDaniel
    "Beautiful Barred Rock"
    My favorite bird when it come to looks. I have a pair of sister's, they are inseparable! Great layers! #All around great addition for your flock!
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    November 2, 2017
  6. Taylorbrood
    "Barred Rock"
    I have one she is loud and skittish, but her worst trait is she pulls tail feathers from the others and pecks them till she draws blood. she has been put in isolation so the others can heal. She is smart though loves bird toys and entertains herself quite well. But when she wants something she rings the bell till you come.

    I give her a 4 because of her intelligence, but the pecking and blood drawing is not something I expected of her. It's almost like a game to her, she just runs up grabs the feathers and pulls them out, attacks again to draw blood, not sure what her problem is. she is still young so hope to break her of this issue.
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  7. Lavender Ro
    "Barred Rocks."
    Pros - Very Friendly and Docile. Also, have a fairly good egg producing rate.
    Cons - Nope, no cons.
    I just love this beautiful breed! SAM_1817.JPG
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  8. BantammChick
    "Sweet and gentle chicken!"
    Pros - This chicken is sweet and tame.It is a large breed,I have a barred rock rooster and he is the sweetest rooster I have.
  9. CoopAndFeathers
    "Docile Chicken, a perfect pet and producer!"
    Pros - Extremely calm, docile chicken, great multipurpose animal, easily adapts, even as pullets, to love its people
    Cons - Not much, some don't prefer their "bland" coloration but I love my Barred hens
    Love them! They are some of the sweetest chickens I have!
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  10. norain
    "Great Breed"
    Pros - friendly good egg layers
    We have three barred rocks .
    They were 6 months older than our 20 rode islands
    So they showed the young birds how to range
    and get around . Would definitely get more when the time comes.
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