Barred Rock

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  1. G Mitch
    "A great all purpose breed"
    Pros - Great layers , cold hardy , Lays well into the winter months
    Cons - None in my opinion
    I always called these a good Blue collar breed . They are a durable tough breed well built for the colder regions . Will lay well even in the winter . These have survived well below zero temps at night in my uninsulated layer houses with no issues at all . An all around good reliable breed . Roosters will supply you with plenty of eggs ready for the incubator if you wish to hatch some of your own and are generally non aggressive . Barred Rocks are one of my old reliable all time favorites and I always have some in my poultry houses.
  2. Manedwolfy
    "Probably wouldn't get another roo again"
    Pros - Protected the hens
    Cons - Very flighty
    Giant comb easily gets frostbite
    Very, very loud
    I had a barred rock rooster that I really didn't enjoy that much. Very flighty with fast wing growth, always jumping out of the coop. He protected the hens but was also sometimes mean to them. NEVER put with another rooster, even if they have enough hens. Mine had a humongous comb that easily got frostbite. Aggressive to basically anyone and anything!
  3. RWBP
    "I love them"
    Pros - Quiet, friendly, clean, and lay eggs.
    Cons - ?
    We have 4 hens. They are sweet little ladies. They love to forage around our faryarden (Farm, yard, garden). Egg laying machines. We are in the shortest part of winter now and we are still getting about 3 eggs per day, with no artificial lighting.
  4. Rusticwool
    My favorite chicken! She is vocal and curious, I can’t do anything without her right beside me. She is a calm girl and is great with the toddler.
  5. moniquem
    "Not my favorite"
    Pros - She's pretty..
    Cons - Bossy, loud and not a great layer

    This is Louise, she is 7.5 months now. I got my first flock of 4 chickens in April. I have a BA, SS,EE and BR. She started "laying" at about 20 weeks but there have been many problems with her eggs. I wold say 50% of the time she lays soft shelled eggs, maybe 2-3 times per week. So.....I don't get many eggs.

    Besides the egg laying she is extremely loud, she is always walking around the yard like she's looking for something or someone whinning the whole time. She is also the bully of the bunch and has tried dominating me, which i showed her was not an option!

    If I knew then what I know now I would have made other choices for chickens. I will not get another one of this breed. My fault though, I read the reviews that they can be bossy but I love the classic look of these so really wanted one. If she continues to have problems laying I may re-home her :(

    November 11th, 2018: UPDATE..

    Had to re-home mine, very aggressive to my other chickens. The straw for me was when I found her cornering bottom chicken in the nest box and pecking at her head pretty savagely....
  6. crazychick912
    "I love my Barred Rocks"
    Pros - Good egg layers. Friendly and easy tempered
    Cons - None
    I knew nothing about them when I first got them. They are great.
    My husband who really wants nothing to with the chickens had a Barred Rock that followed him everywhere he went on our property. He told me, "That spotted one keeps following me. She's always clucking and talking up a storm." He ended up naming her "Spot". And where he was, so was she.
  7. Kathy Keeney
    Pros - Great all around chicken. Great layers.
    Cons - Roosters are MEAN
  8. chickenmom22
    "A wonderful chicken breed"
    Pros - Lays lots of eggs, very friendly temperament, likes to be around people
    Cons - No cons
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  9. BryansBranch
    "Beautiful Birds"
    Pros - Friendly,Hardy,Good layers
    Cons - None that any other chicken wouldn't have
    These are my favorite type of chicken, so maybe I'm a little partial. Any how we love ours and plan to more!
  10. Dogue
    "THE pet chicken"
    Pros - docile, sweet, lays lots of eggs, hardy in both cold and heat, easy keepers
    Cons - none
    This is my favorite chicken breed, despite my love of the "cute" breeds with fluffy butts and poofy heads. The barred rock isn't unattractive, but is plain in a world of fancy chicken options. However, I've had this breed in all of my flocks over the years and it more than makes up for its plain appearance. This breed tames itself. I am not the type to put much effort into taming chickens. I don't often give treats, I don't sit out with my birds or talk to them much, which means the majority of my flock, even breeds like silkies (known for their pet qualities) are skittish. But not the barred rocks, ever. These birds can be pet, picked up, held, brought into the house, hand fed by children, anything really, on a whim- WITHOUT having to get them used to handling. It's truly like they tame themselves. Add that to the fact that this year not only did we have a record breakingly cold winter, and a scorching summer, but due to personal issues the flock had to live on kitchen scraps for a few weeks... and the barred rock is no worse for wear for any of it... superbly hardy birds. They can't be beat, every flock should have at least one.
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