Birmingham Rollers

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  • Birmingham Rollers are a small and easy to care for therefore they are recommended as a beginner's pigeon with how low maintenance they are. Birmingham Rollers do backward somersaults in the air and are often called, "The Acrobats of the Air". As one progresses in the hobby a person can focus on the quality of the roll and genetics. versus simply having them as pets.

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  • Exhibition and Competition of Birmingham Rollers

    Birmingham Rollers are typically exhibited under the flying or sporting class in cage shows. And do not have an official standard for cage shows, this often times leaves it up to the judge to place birds to his/her fancy. Tight feathered, medium sized, well muscled birds typically place well.
    Birmingham Rollers are commonly kept for enjoyment but, some fanciers will competitively fly their kits in competitions. A kit is a group of 11 or 20 birds which fly together in the air and are judged based off how the group performs; there are even national competitions for birds

    Personalities of Birmingham Rollers

    Much like the colors of Birmingham Roller, their personalities can greatly vary. Depends on how much time you spend with them; you could have a pet which greatly enjoys your company or is unfamiliar with your actions and flighty. Birmingham Rollers typically seem to be cautious but, would allow you to approach them with some distance or wire between. Hand raised rollers and birds which see you as a food-bearer are more likely to approach you and may land on yo looking for extra treats. Many of the rollers I had were fairly intelligent; going in through the back doors in the barn while some Birmingham Rollers were over territorial.

    Colors of Birmingham Rollers

    Birmingham Rollers come in a variety of colors but, various shades of blue seem to be the most common as their is a belief that darker colored birds perform better then lighter birds which are often associated to be soft feathered. Checks are also more popular due to the dominance of the pattern.
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  1. CascadiaRiver
    "Easy Beginner Birds!"
    Pros - Easy, Smaller, Hardy and Good Parents
    Cons - Hard to STOP-Parenting!
    Been a great experience with pigeons yet far though I did find that taking away the eggs if you dont want babies isn't a good option for these guys, Lol! We tried to take their eggs away so they wouldn't be raising babies and be in good condition for the county fair but they instead his a nest and hatched two more babies!
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  2. GoldenFlight
    "Fun and hardy birds!"
    Pros - Great parents, good flyers, beautiful, and very tame!
    Cons - Aggressive to each other.
    We started out with one pair and now have six. They have been great parents and haven't lost a single squab or egg. Our pair has raise there six chicks plus a foster baby that they hatched and raised.

    Some of our rollers pigeons.



    Marco and Taylor.
  3. Lofty Dreams
    "Roller Reveiw"
    Pros - Tollerent, Hardy, Intellegent
    Cons - Rolldowns,
    I have had Birmingham Rollers up till recently and have greatly enjoyed my experience with this breed. The birds that I had were very tolerant to myself and would eat off of my hand, and were hardy with Minnesota's weather. The best rollers that I had were the most intelligent and found other ways to sneak into their loft besides the traditional trap door. Some of them were rather flighty but, with some attention and some "tlc" they tolerate my attention; those that I hand feed became rather affectionate towards me.

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