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  1. Norseman
    Not familiar with the breed but those are sone pretty big feet- Roos often have noticeably bigger feet at young age. I’m no expert though.
  2. Yuki
    i would need to see the cloaca to no if was roo or not
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  3. Bettyboop7499
    Without knowing anything about this chick I would say HE is about 7-9 weeks old?
  4. Yorkshire Coop
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  5. BF Vince
    Someone is crowing out there. 9 week old chicks. Also not sure what kind of chick this is. I bought a dozen fertile eggs for a broody hen. Variety pack.
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    1. Bettyboop7499
      You can find out what ALL you chiclets are here on BYC but you may want to repost on a thread.
      Bettyboop7499, Aug 10, 2018
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