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Egg Productivity
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Light Brown
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Friendly,Easily handled,Calm,Bears confinement well,Quiet,Docile
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White, Blue, Black, Buff, Red, Partridge and various other newer colors, Splash
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Large Fowl
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The Cochin is one of the most popular breeds of chicken with the hobbyist in the world today. The main reason for the breed's popularity is it's exceptional temperament. Cochins are renowned for having for extremely kind and quiet dispositions. They are easily tamed and very friendly, making them one of the most popular pet breeds for children. Mature birds also do not roam much and do not fly well at all, making them easier than most breeds to confine.

The breed originated in China and was exported to Britain and America in the mid 19th century, and are one of the breeds responsible for starting “hen fever” – the national obsession for poultry that struck America and England at that time. As the breed was developing in China, particular attention was paid to the large size of the bird and it is one of the largest breeds, with roosters weighing 11 lbs and hens 9lbs. Another notable feature is the bird's plentiful feathering, that covers not only the body but its legs and feet, making an already large bird appear even larger. It comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, with many more being developed by hobbyists. They come in both standard and bantam sizes and frizzle feathered Cochins are also extremely popular.

Cochins are an extremely broody breed, are great mothers, and are often used as foster mothers for other breeds, or even turkeys and ducks. They are very cold hardy and considered a good winter layer. While the hens are good layers of large light brown eggs when they are laying, their tendency to go broody multiple times a year cuts down their total egg production. It is also used as a slow growing meat bird, and was considered one of the best breeds for making capons.

It was recognized by the APA in 1874 and is on The Livestock Conservancy's Watch list.

Cochin eggs

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Cochin juveniles

Cochin hen

Cochin rooster

For more on the Cochin breed and their owners' and breeders' experiences, please see our breed discussion here:

Latest reviews

Pros: She has a big personality, and very independent compared to my other chickens. Very fun to watch.
Cons: Broodier than my other birds, but not too bad.
Pros: Super sweet affectionate birds and fluffy
Cons: they can be bullied by other chickens
Pros: friendly , good layer, docile, good mothers,
Cons: need to be kept in if its wet, there feet gather muck and dirt easy,
As i first time poultry keeper i found them a very easy to keep and friendly breed of chicken.
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august 2018


Sorry about your loss, I feel the same way when I lose a chicken. I do want to add some cochins to my flock sometime though!
It appears this is describing Bantam Cochins, not standard large fowl Cochins, which are much different. The large fowl Cochins are at least double the size of the Bantam Cochins. Bantam Cochins are very good broodies and mothers (nearly equal or equal to the level of Silkies). I had Large Fowl Cochins once, many years ago, but the line I got ended up mean, so they, ahem, weren't allowed to spread their genetic material to the future of the breed. ;-) I cannot comment on their broodiness, but they were very large, nearly the size of Brahmas.
hi am in ghana and i want some of the eggs to buy if anyone can sell some to me,i want fresh eggs i will pay for dhl or fedex charges so that i would get it before seven days ............please help
We ordered a "mix bag" of some Cochin Bantams from Purely Poultry about 5 wks ago. Ordered 4 Blue/Splash, 4 Red, 4 Buff, 4 White and 4 self-Blue. Unfortunate, for some reason, They forgot the self-blues.. However, they were kind enough to give credit for the 4 ""missing"' chicks.. Chicks came in ALL happy and healthy, even though we were 4-5hrs late to the Post Office, chicks were Still doing Great.. And the Post Office Was keeping an eye on then as well..

They have so far turned out the be one of the best breeds for some one with Anxiety.. (Belgium d' Anver are great too) My 20yr old daughter has not played with as much as she normally does, And these guys and gals are turning out extremely friendly.. well Most a couple white ones that are a little flighty.. but all in all they are a great match for my daughter.. Unfortunately.. she seem to have more cockerels then But she is defiantly Going to get more. And I want the Red, possibly the Black too.

Cochin ARE Defiantly great for Kids (or Adults).. especially for those who have disabilities.. and I WISH!! I have gotten them Several yrs ago for my daughter, Just was never big in the Feather Footed Breeds.. But these are Great "Lap Chickens", and the helps ease my daughter's Anxiety. I might ever try the Standard or possible Brahmas. But the Cochin.. at least the Bantams, ARE pretty Awesome "Little" chickens..
Had 3 White Cochins. Beautiful, docile and very decorative. They would knck each other off my shoulder when I was feeding. They were Just plain Jealous. Lived to 4 or 5 years. Think I might hatch some this spring.
I keep a bantam cochin with my big girls. They listen to him and respect him, he warns them from danger and he doesn't cause feather damage to the girls. He is very respectful of me. He is a great little roo with a big brave heart and personality. I will always keep a bantam cochin roo with my girls from now on.
I have 2 Cochins, a large fowl rooster and a bantam hen. The hen is the sweetest bird in the whole flock and by far one of the cutest. The rooster is actually quite small for how big he is supposed to be. I would be surprised if he even weighed 5 pounds. He is not so sweet with people but isn’t as violent like others. He attacks us and then we have to put him in his place but he usually doesn’t hurt us. He doesn’t really have spurs either. Idk why. On the other hand he is super sweet with the ladies. He has them eat before he does, gives them the best portions of all food, and finds food for them all throughout the yard. We love our Cochins and definitely recommend them to anyone.
Also Rosa, the hen, just hatched cute little chickie. Very good mamma.
We have 2 Cochin pullets, one of them is outside with the 2 Americanas, and Pecker is inside being nursed. She is so sweet I mostly really enjoy the time I spend with her. Her sister Big Nellie doesn't care to be held much.
One of the Cochin hens was very sweet with us, but mean to the others except Big Nellie. She had Pecker down and was ripping her head open. I can't have that, so Scoobie-do got cooked. Mink is the last Cochin, and she rules with an iron fist. I won't get Cochins again, I prefer the Wyandotts.
I was given the rooster in my profile pic and told he was a frizzled cochin . He was 8 weeks old . I sit him on the ground and my g. Niece and nephew where 3 and 4 they were playing tag. He lit out behind them running right on their heels. I wasn't sure if he was mean or thought he was playing too. He wasn't mean I kept him in the house in a cage at night fearing my rooster would hurt him . But eventually bought a diaper and let him have the run of the house . In the mornings he went to the door and asked to be let out ,at four every evening he came and pecked to be let in. He jumped in my car Everytime he saw me get in . He begged for food , he would sit in my lap and watch TV and he nuzzled my neck. I don't think it occurred to him he was a rooster. Unfortunately something took him from me. The greatest little rooster that ever lived.

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